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Bit of fun at 500kms of Mt Panorama

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by David O'Reilly, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Hope you dont mind me posting about an offline race. Am practicing this sim with a couple of buddies to get to a standard to race online.
    I did a 50% race distance of the "Bathurst 1000" in WTM mod V2.94 so 82 laps (503 km).
    Time accelleration x 5, tyre and fuel x2. AI @90%,damage @30%, no assists bar auto clutch.

    Plan was to use hard tyres and 3 stop which would need some fuel management.
    Also planned to use an AI "co driver"
    Managed 21 laps on the first stint and handed over to an AI driver for 1 stint with a 2 minute lead. They do seem much harder on fuel and tyres. I got back in the car after 14 laps of this AI stint (35 laps total). Tyres were nuked and in fact so bad was the grip that I beached it in that really sticky sand trap at caltex chase.
    It took fully 5 minutes to extricate from the sand. Pitted immediately and rejoined having not only lost my lead but been lapped by the entire field.
    Over 44 laps and with 2 more stops (in part due to AI pittting evey 13 laps so 6 stops) I managed to catch-unlap and finally rejoin the pack.
    On lap 79 I took the lead and won this 3hr:35m race by 8 seconds.
    At time X 5 it was a lot of night laps and this track is stunning at night.

    The AI really do stay so tightly grouped. 41 sec covered them after 3hr 35 min. Their race pace was ok at say 1 or 2 sec slower than mine. They pitted every 13 laps so maybe were on mediums or just too hard on fuel and tyres as they pretty much sit on redline everywhere.
    It would also be much more interesting if AI drove a mix of cars (they were all in the Commodore VL as |I was being a tru blue Aussie). In V2.9 tere seemed to be a mixture. Can i manage this in-game?

    I would quite like to do this again in mutiplayer, If you are interested please PM or mention here and we can do it.
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  2. I would love something similar with open wheelers or Enduracers :)
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  3. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    What are Enduracers?
    is that the mod that was used for the 24hrs of Norcschlief?
    If so yes cool. There is a Bathurst 24 hrs in real life with GT3 type cars I believe.
    DRM Mod is nice there too but the speed differential between cars will not suit an endurance race.
    Its a great adventure overnight.
    Maybe we post it as a club event????
    Give ppl 2-3 weeks to get ready.
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  4. Sounds nice :D I also had this idea a few months ago, but then all the suggestions started becoming about historic and tintop mods and I lost interest :p

    Enduracers is really the only tintop mod I have any interest in.
  5. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    What is Enduracers exactly?
  6. LMP1, LMP2, GT1 and GT2 cars plus a few LMPC cars

    GT1 - Aston Martin, Corvette, Lamboghini and Saleen
    GT2 - Ferrari, Porsche, Panoz and Spyker

    Excellent mod
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  7. I'd certainly participate in an endurance series endurance race in the racing club! It's one mod I've been wanting to get some proper use out of! :)
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