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Apps BigShifter 1.2.3

A big shifter and rev display

  1. pandar1 submitted a new resource:

    BigShifter - A big shifter and rev display

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    Last edited: Mar 27, 2015
  2. pandar1 updated BigShifter with a new update entry:


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  3. Hello, and thank you for the contribution, it wanted to know like it is activated since descomprimo the file in apps/python but not like activating it in the game, thank you very much
  4. the first time you have to activate the app in the configuration of assetto corsa, in the general tab
  5. Thank you very much again, it used me as great help
  6. Angeltheartist


    what file do I install it into
  7. The fix contains all the needed files, just delete the old folder and substitute with the content of the .rar file
  8. Angeltheartist


    Can you please explain i'm not very computer savy . Thank you.
  9. Shift lights just flashing red
  10. Yes, it'not a problem of the app, it's the shared memory interface of assetto corsa which on win8/win10 do not return the maximum rpm of the car... I will implement a workaround by determining the max rpm while the car is in motion...
  11. pandar1 updated BigShifter with a new update entry:

    Fix for leds blinking red

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  12. it works on 1.5.4? i install it today and can't run
  13. Have yet to try...
  14. Yes, it works...
  15. It did not work for me either
  16. Angeltheartist


    Into what file do you install it into?
  17. Hello, it works on AC 1.9? I install BigShifter 1.2.3 but don't run.
    Ciao, funziona con AC 1.9? Ho installato BigShifter 1.2.3 ma non gira.