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Biggest Final Laps Screwups

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Lee_95, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Post them here for us all to see :cool::cool:
  2. Lol^^ I didnt have a Video of it but in Korea in my first Season [5 Year Career, Legend 20%] with Williams i got 7th Place in Quali and then had a very good Race and with some risky overtakes i managed to get until Place 1 and hold it then until the last Lap, and 3 Drivers was very close behind me and i screwed up in the last Curve before finish and lost 3 places and then some seconds before i passed the finish line a other Driver was overtaking me too so at lost 4 places on last Curve before Finish^^ Damn damn, could have been my 1st Podium in the Season.
  3. Did a 100% race round Melbourne, did a 2 stop so I could stay with the AI and got myself back into the lead on lap 54. Only to go over a curb too hard in sector 2, spin and drop back to 4th. Painful...hour and a half lost
  4. Well it wasnt last lap but it was in quali, no more time left. In 4th and i am flying, i am faster than 1st on my last lap but then spun on the last corner and China. I was gutted. I came back to win the race but still.
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  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    At Hungary in my first season career driving for Lotus. Had struggled to keep up with the front runners but got myself up into 3rd and heading for a hard earned podium as I went round the last turn onto the start finish straight only to be too eager on the throttle on exit, spin the car round, hit the wall in my efforts to save it and lose 4 spots just yards from the line!! GUTTED!!
  7. Season 2 with Lotus 40% race Started on Primes then went onto Options, at Hockenheim 1st place Last lap Massa right on my tail and someone Hamilton I think, and was too wide on last corner coming out got onto gravel Massa was slow through the corner so when I came on he drove stright past as I span into barrier lost my front wing, Hamilton then came through just before I crossed line, finished 3rd, Options had dropped off cliff I guess you could say that's why I understeered off or I had too much speed
  8. Was a hard 50% multiplayer at Valencia. I was fairly inexperienced and totally missed my fuel light flashing a warning to take it easy - so the first I knew was the car losing power with 1 lap to go, and I was in 2nd place at the time.

    So after being passed by everyone and now in last place, I am now racing in slow-motion against the clock, trying to get to the line - it was surreal.

    I make it most of the way round, and im crawling toward the last left hander, and decide I can probably get away with cutting it to save a precious second or two. As I cut, the car spins and leaves me pointing the wrong way. Have to throw a 3 point turn but the car has no power and the clock runs down with me about a virtual 10 metres from the line. If I hadnt cut, I would have probably made the line in time and not lost my momentum :D
  9. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Ooh Chris.. bad enough against the AI but losing it that way online is a killer!! I have twice run outn of fuel on the last lap of online races but luckily both times made it to the finish without losing a place!!
  10. Online 20% race Hungaroring, comfortably leading on last lap, turned in to early on the very last corner and hit the pitlane entry wall. DNF :)
  11. I had one last night in a race from Malaysian. It is a wet race, I am in 5th place in a Toro Rosso late in the race. A drying line is only starting to develop and on the 2nd to last lap the AI in front of me begin to pit. I could have stayed on my wet tires and taken a podium position. But I did not want a cheesy podium finish due to poor AI strategy. So I pitted. But I am a dummy. I put dry option tires on while the AI was most likely putting on intermediates. So needless to say my last lap was nasty. I could maintain some momentum if I stayed on the dry line, but if I got off of it by the smallest margin I am in trouble. I went from 5th to 3rd to finishing 9th place all in the last two laps of the race.
  12. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I reckon that if the AI make a strategy error we poor humans have to pounce. Do they care for our pace at Catalunya? Do they hit the walls at Marina Bay and Monaco? Will they drive sensibly when you pit at Brazil?
    Go for the cheesy podium every time I say.
  13. You are right. I should have taken the cheesy podium. Besides earlier in the race I got totally screwed by the game in the pits when the track turned wet. Rosberg was right on my tail when we entered the pits, so yes I can stomach losing a position to him in our pit stops. But I actually lost about five positions in the pits as my pit crew did not release me until every AI car behind me finished their stops even though I entered the pits well ahead of everyone else. Yeah from now on I need to take the cheesy finishes when the game serves them up.

    As fun as driving can be in this game, it sure has some retarded behavior.
  14. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Season 2 with HRT some of you may of seen this already, 100% Monaco Started 10th had my practice engine in at 89% got back up to 10th, now go look at what happens on the final laps.

  15. Spinning out with the finish line in sight. Tough luck.

    BTW ... what was Massa doing winning the race? Didn't he know that Fernando was faster than him?
  16. Canada in my first season with Lotus. Wasn't really very good at the game but got up to 8th, was pretty chuffed until I fluffed the last chicane, managed to miss the wall of champions but still ended up the wrong way :( ended up 11th.
  17. I've done that as well. Out of all the things you can crash into it has to be the most annoying by miles.
  18. Love it.. Obvs didn't have Rob Smedley to tell him :):wink:

  19. Ouch that sucks and yeah what was Massa doing? Ferarri team radio must have been down....
  20. Monaco Last corner 30% Legend AI I was 0.3 tenths in front of the 2nd man and took the final corner to tight and my rear right tyre got caught in the wall which made me spin and made me lose 3 places cuz i had to drive backwards to finish..