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big problems with logitech g25 please help!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jose Neira, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hi thx for reading my post

    It started first of all with the profiler giving me a message that it was unable to find my device although if I looked in control panel/game controllers it was there with no problems. I managed to get the sofware to read my wheel

    http://www.racedepartment.com/computers-technology/63208-logitech-profiler-cannot-detect-device.html (should be last post)

    Ok now I start to map the controls in game but for some reason using sequential shift mode pressing "up" on the shifter fails to give any response both on the profiling software and in control settings (race 07) though pressing "down" does give a response

    as well ALL the other controls on the shifter module also fail to respond; ie 4 red buttons hat switch and the 4 buttons at the top
    though the actual gear shift does work using the h pattern for all 6 gears

    anyway I decided to use the paddle shifts for gearing

    the car went ok for about a minute then suddenly I lost all control to the wheel, could not steer or brake or anything..basically the throttle was full on and nothing would respond on the wheel and the steering had gone "light" somehow it had uncalibrated itself ....

    I then reset the wheel by reinserting the usb and went through the calibration process all over again but the EXACT same sequence of problems reoccured

    what can I do? I am pretty sure that nothing on the wheel is broken but i am no expert.... my warranty has now elapsed as the wheel had not been used in ages and now this happens...

    Does the sofware store information in applications data ?I believe the data may of been corrupted

    please please help me!

    Ty for reading

    windows xp professional x64 edition sp2
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    There is a tool out on the web that allows you to recalibrate the logitech though the name escapes me at the moment. If you search for logitech recalibrate wheel, you should find what I am talking about.
  3. Hi

    thx 4 replying are you talking about logitech gaming software (5.10) ?

    that is the official tool but whether i use that or through the windows (game controllers software the results are the same

    I looked using the search criteria you requested but was not able to find another such program?

    Even if I uninstall the software including registry entries and re-install it I have noticed that my calibration settings are still present. so is there another location where this data is stored? These results indicate to me strongly that this must be the case :)

  4. Does the Logitech profiler detect the correct wheel? I had my G27 = Driving Force USB issues just a few hours ago.

    I had similar issues with the wheel losing power and recalibrating in the middle of the race. Changing to a different USB port did the trick. Avoid the ones at the front of the computer.
  5. thx for trying guys but im having the same problems ALL OF THEM ie seq mode gear only functions "down" not upwards and all the buttons don,t work ..but they do on the wheel itself
    As well as the wheel losing all calibration while playing and noticed one other problem in the game control assignments screen (race 07) it was automatically assigning the control joy2 butt13 or 12 to any parameter even though the only control device present other than keys was the mouse,and the only way of stopping it was to assign the control to another action ..could not even unbind the control to the function (right clicking) did nothing

    they all worked fine the other day:-( why i get the distinct impression re-installing windows will solve them all?, but its a total drag!
  6. Hi Jose,

    I have the same system as you do. I had a problem when it seemed, according to others, that I had a power unit issue. I had function of pedals and buttons but no Force Feedback.

    Many many restarts did nothing. Using my meters and putting the PSU under a load showed no problems with supply. Using the Clear Calibration utility did nothing.

    However, if I used the Control Panel indicator everything worked well?? In game I had performance issues.

    Two things may have cleared my problem. Turning the power to the G25 off until after W$ has booted. And more likely, deleting my User G25 profile in-game and setting up another. No problems since!?


    PS. I stopped using the Logitech profiler too, though it is still on my system. I deactivated the driver from within MSConfig.
  7. Jose, is this solved? I hope it is, but having just read this thread I thought I would add a couple of observations that may (or may not) help you/others.

    1. I have experienced numerous similar problems when having more than one device attached, it seems that the combination of Logitech Profiler and Race07 with more than one controller attached causes a problem, somewhere that results in some strange behavior. This seems to hold true even if the other attached devices are Logitech! My solution after sending myself almost nuts was only have either the wheel or Joystick plugged in at a time - Its not a big issue to unplug my wheel and plug in my Joystick when I decide to switch between racing and other games - You just have to remember to plug in before starting your game as some software will not recognise the wheel or stick if its plugged in after. I use the USB Ports on the front of my PC, although the comments above about the Front USB Ports DO apply to some PC's - it depends on the hardware configuration of the particular PC.

    2. I have also seen the strange (and very,very frustrating!) losing assignment for sequential changes and not been able to reassign the Up change - In the end my workaround was simply to re-create a whole new controller setup using the default wheel setup in Race07 - as soon as you try to make a change the game prompts you and creates a custom profile. A pain I know but once you have a controller profile named Paddle and one named Sequential that are exactly the same apart from the gear change assignments, switching between controller profile rather than editing button assignments (because you know you can't edit it back) is very quick.

    3. It also seems that changing settings in Profiler once Race07 / Steam is running will also result in strange behaviour - I know you can ALT/TAB to desktop in other games and make changes to the controller settings within Logitech Profiler which are then applied in game when you ALT/TAB back - with a Logitech Wheel and Race07 this seems hit and miss at best - Rotation (degrees) changes seem to be applied and work but start to reassign buttons in Logitech Profiler while Race07 is running and your almost certain to run into problems. No idea why, like I said its just my observations...