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Big problem with terrain

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by zoka, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Me again with problems,sorry if im annoying,im downloaded zaxxon track and its great,but how to get this terrain[​IMG].
    Zaxxon's tut can't help me because its something wrong.

    At the end of tutorial download button never appears,im not stupid but neither im not Einstein,whats happend here,is any easier way for making this map???
    Zaxxon can you help?
  2. It's a pop up, perhaps you have a blocker running? I'm using Firefox and have no issues.

    Perhaps you don't have something selected in the Download tab?

    Also if you try to hit seamless during the week, good luck. Every A&E firm in the country seems to be queuing for data. Saturdays and Sundays seem quickest.
  3. I have tested the web and it works for me with no further problem. The pop-up window rises as usual after selecting a rectangle (after clicking on Download->Define Rectangular Downlad Area).
  4. [​IMG].
    This is step before download button with saved changes and return to...,and after that i have this picture
    What i missed

  5. That means that no data is available with such revolution. Mark also 1 arcsecond (30m) and 3 arcsecond (90m) and after that you can choose which data source you want, if several sources are available.
  6. I was marked 1 arsecond and nothing,only when select last field SRTM -shutle radar topography then button download appears

    its here

    Then i get rar file from site unpack them and i get this picture
  7. If your goal is to use the scripts, you must download data in Gridfloat format, not ArcGRID.
  8. Just won't work at me,damn,i try everything...