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Big issue with my T500RS

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by leo73, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Hello and sorry for another post about wheel issue...

    My issue seems pretty weird, everything was doing great and I had a crash, I restarted the session and the wheel was suddenly really weird and undrivable. It's like the game only take the input of the wheel for less than a second and then it's like there is no more imput even if I'm still turning. So I can go straight even if my wheel is at 180┬░...
    I restarted the game, checked everything about updates for the wheel or anything, tried different in-game wheel set-up, I even tried to uninstall and install the game again but still the same issue. I tried several cars or tracks but nothing works.
    I think the problem comes from the game as the wheel is perfectly working with other games.

    I looked on google but didn't find any subject with this issue... So if anyone has an idea or the same problem, I would be really grateful !

    Sorry if my English isn't perfect and Thank you for reading this ! :)
  2. FFB not reversed in AMS settings by any chance?
  3. Nope.. I tried to reverse it but it's worst with still the same problem... :/
  4. Okay so finally I found the problem... Of course it was dumb... I couldn't explain why, but I found in the settings that the game was now with the steering assist on "full"... I just had to put it back to no assist and that's it...

    Sorry for the false problem but maybe it will happen to some people... haha
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  5. tpw


    I had the exact same problems in AMS and rF2. Solution: disable all the F key assists!