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Big fight between Assetto Corsa and pCARS !

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by ONT, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. ONT


    Lead producer for pCARS Pete Morrich gets a beating.[​IMG]
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  2. ONT


    Luckily, its seems that Marco can be bribed... *phew* :)[​IMG]
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  3. ONT


    And now Pete is getting fired for affiliating with the enemy...


    "Kunos Simulazioni meets Slightly Mad Studios...

    Jokes apart, I've the pleasure to meet Pete Morrish, Lead Producer of p.C.A.R.S , very nice person"
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  4. It's always great to see proof of people getting along despite the common belief that they are bitter rivals. I have good friends that are also competitors so it's not so hard for me to understand or believe. In fact, it can mean that we share a common interest that we can relate to well and form a strong bond.
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  5. Stefano from Kunos said the same thing during the ISR interview, people seem to think there's a lot of rivalery going on between the developers, but it's really not like that, it's more common that one of your best friends is working for another dev than that they are enemies of any sort. It's us, the community, that keep pitting these devs up against eachother, and for no good reason other than trying to prove to the world that "we" know best. :p
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  6. Game developers are never/rarly rivals, it's a rue made by publishers driven by PR/Marketing, and perpetuated by fans. Game makes just want to put their best work out there and have it enjoyed by as many as posable. Some would likely do it for free if they didn't need the money...
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