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big car little engine

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, May 24, 2010.

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  1. hello i figured id start a thread requesting suggesting and just seeing whats interesting on peoples minds about the early and even later big cars with little engine i talking about big chryslers with the slant six big fords with thier inline and small V6's same to Chev and other brands i have an interest in seeing some already released or new cars with their optional base-model engines not a big fuel needle bending V8's hareys tradesman with the slant six is a good example he didnt make sounds for it and i think thats a prime example though for an interesting drive cars like my own beloved dart swinger which has the slant six or the charger mustang camaro even some euro cars like the mercs and bimmers alot of people think with this setup you dont have alot of power but if designed properly they are real fun things to have i was wondering who would like to take up the suggestion of doing some of these well known cars with their base model engines as an option in the download i think the cars im describing have more character as far as driving and enjoying than the big V8s im not knocking V8's i just think the little guys deserve a spot in racer too
  2. Yeah, Spoiler statt Hubraum :) Another one is the recent team-schrick aston. 3l V8 with more power than the standard 4.2l V8. See www.team-schrick.com.
  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    How the hell did you understand that? That was a 218 word (word count ftw!) sentence!!
  4. It's really easy for you to make those engines if you want to.

    Just set the torque curve like the 6-cyl version with curved. And on the car.ini set the max_torque to the value produced by that engine (in Nm).

    Some torque curver have already the value of torque setted, in that case, tweak it and on the car.ini put 1 in max_torque! ;)
  5. ahh yus but we still have accurate needs of sounds for the engines like hareys tradesman i was mentioning i already used the engines and all from it to power a few Chrysler's released including yer fury and the coronet XD btw guess i might as well ask anyone converting a scamp dodge dart or duster or otherwise small Chrysler anytime soon i noticed amg had one but idk how close it is to release?
  6. my got, are you writing and running in the same time?
  7. yeah something like that writing to you /doing research into cars and all /listening to music/this/that /just alot of things at once XD
  8. great, maybe you'll also try interpunctuation sometime soon. If you write 218 word sentences it could lead to criminal misunderstanding some time ;)
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I already told him to punctuate now and again, it clearly didn't last long...
  10. ohmygod...

  11. XD { there two words cant make anything else out them but what they are ] lol
  12. wow, two guys had a clown for breakfast... funny, ain't it?
  13. My idea of big car small engine is, for example, the Passat 1.4 TSI 122hp.
  14. lol i was thinking more like a full sized merc like an e class or s class with the little 2.8 thumper in it o even the 2.3 Big car little engine Heck even the 280E 230E 300D all fit the same bill infact antone knoqw when we will be seeing anice converted model like that ? i know we already have a convertiable 280 and thier is a rather bare model floating around but id like to see a full sized one along the afore mentioned lines.
  15. not always big engine... bad ass size turbo

    i was watching that car at live
  16. I think you totally missed what ZATRACERDUDE was looking for completely, he's looking for something like my Tradesman van, with the smallest engine in it (IIRC that was the 225 1bbl slant six)
    I do have another car that would sort of fit the bill of what your looking for though, its a Dodge Aspen wagon, with a lot of engines (225 1bbl all the way up to a 440 6-pack, not that the 440 was even optional on the things)

  17. Sure i LOVE chryslers how complete it is ?
  18. Not quite complete, needs plenty of tweaking around still, and maybe some badges as well lol
  19. also i was thinking who knows how to quickly do conversion from san andreas id LOVE to convert the Lincoln mark 8 and maybe a nice 90's sedan like a Thunderbird or ya know something like that id Actually REALLY love to see the dodge diplomat we owned one 0- whatever shed do depending on the temp and hill you where on in about 1 weekend lol was a big ole floaty barge we hd the 5.2 318 V8 only 170 BHP due to emissions crap in fact id figure as crazy as harey is about Chrysler wed already see it converted XD someone poke one of the awesome converters into life so we can drive its slowness in racer XD