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Beyond rFactor, Comments Appreciated!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by werst59, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. I've been driving rFactor for only a year, it's Great. But
    I'm looking at expanding my interest to other racing sims
    available. Would like to get some comments regarding which
    is the best to acquire, GTR2, GTR Evolution, Race, Race07,
    Shift, etc. I'm interested in simulation driving not
    arcade type games. Thanks for your input, Richard
  2. GTR2 is a bit old but still good
    the race series is pretty nice best would be to get Race ON full and GTR Evo as update then you have the complete deal wich are Race,Race07,GTR-Evo,STCC and race on contend

    shift in my option is not a sim at least not out of the box with out tweaking it for hours and installing a ****load of mods
  3. If you want total out and out pure 100% simulation perfection.....you really should look in to iRacing.
  4. you talk about IWANTALLYOURDOLLARSRACING Gary ?? sorry but cant say i like there Pricing politics
  5. If you would like to simulate the FIA GT Championship then GTR2 is your best bet. It is a very polished package with day/night racing, animated pitcrew, rain and ghost car hotlapping. The AI is reasonable and for Europeans there are still many racing on-line.

    If you would like to simulate the WTCC then RACE On is your best bet. It also offers a range of other cars to drive. Don't bother with RACE or RACE 07. GTR Evo is however a good alternative to RACE on if you'd like to race some GT cars. Not quite as polished as GTR2 IMO but the physics/FFB is a little better, rain is also better (wipers and very well animated raindrops) but you lose the night and animated pitcrew from GTR2. Steam is rather clumsy slowing things down but probably no worse than rFactor with lots of mods. The AI is perhaps better than GTR2 and there are even more people in the lobby than for GTR2.

    If you like the old classics from the 60s and 70s then GT Legends is your best bet. A great career mode for off-line players, a wide range of cars with very different characters. The lobby is much quieter than for the other Simbin titles but you should be able to find a race at evening time in Europe. If you like this kind of thing it is a masterpiece.

    If you like street cars including some very exotic supercars then Shift is your best bet (but you do need an up to date PC). The graphics are amazing, I really like the physics and FFB but they take a little getting used to, and not everyone feels the same. If you want to drive like Clarkson on Top Gear this will provide you with both the cars and the physics to allow the power-sliding which most ISI/Simbin titles struggle with. The AI is its weak point IMO, plus its not a "traditional" sim - no qualifying and many career mode races are very short. Can't comment on on-line but there should be plenty of people (but perhaps not the sort of people you want to race against).

    Given you already have rFactor I assume you are not looking for another mod platform. As it happens they are all moddable though mods for Shift are in their very early stages.
  6. Thanks for all of your responses and opinions on the various driving sims available. I DO Have one more question, do GTR2, GTR EVO, RACE, RACE07, etc., have the continuing reactivation requirements that rFactor has? Or do you actually own the game once you have purchased it? I really need to know this,
    thanks, Have a Great Day! Richard
  7. you will own this games, so you dont have a limited activation :D