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Better than rFactor?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Alex Kyriak, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Sorry if it's been covered before, but how does NetKar PRO compare to rFactor? Thanks all.
  2. I only have time to a quick answer, so I just say that I start racing with NetKar in mid November and the FFB and felling of the cars is so much better, that after two years that I only use rFactor and GTR2, I don't race in them anymore.

    Rfactor have a lot of mod's were the cars look great, better netcode, but the way you feel the cars in Netkar is on another level and that is the most important thing to me.
  3. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Personally, I think nKPro is way more REALISTIC in car handling and feel. Ive thrashed rFactors many mods over the past 4 yrs and enjoyed every apex, but rF doesnt give me the same levels of immersion that I get in nKPro, although both games have great graphics.

    Being an Aussie I spent many hours playing V8Factor loving every minute and was convinced Ide found the perfect RaceSim, I have many racing titles from Grand Prix2 & 4, GTR, GTR2, GTR Evo, Toca2, Grid, DiRT & DiRT2, rFactor and some not worth mentioning, lol, but then I discovered nKPro 1.1 and after installing the demo and driving the F1600 I was hooked, I purchased netKarPro that same day, I dont tend to race any of my other games anymore, it's all nKPro. TBH I hated Open Wheelers, I was a tintop man and refused to race anything else, but I was converted in an instant, now I love OpenWheel racing.

    V8Factor is a great game mod but for me its 2nd to nKPro now, and now with version 1.3 we have the KsVintage (Cobra Daytona) which is a beast from the past, and demands some serious respect as its just like racing a vintage race car, the body lunges and rolls and you need to brake way earlier for corners, just like they did 50 yrs ago, very realistic and an awesome feeling.

    Alex I could ramble on for hours mate, but the best advice I could give you is to download nKPRO 1.3 and try the demo, I think you will be amazed at the feel and immersion of this sim, and at EU14.90 its a bargain. I paid EU19.90 for 1.1.

    Do yourself a favour, check it out.

  4. +1 on what they said ;P
    When you feel the immersion and physics of these cars it's hard to play any other racing game.

    The net code was the biggest flaud for me until 1,3. I noticed it was better for me since latest update, but it still needs some work I believe. And we're still to see how it works since it's so new.

    Another big thing is the strange collisions, sometimes you touch a wall and your car comes flying and spinning in the air very unnaturally which off course leads to fatal damage and if your in a long race all preparation and training will have been for nothing without your fault really.
    Off course the net code and this "collision multiplier" worked together before to create total mayhem online, one might be partly removed so we'll see what happens in future updates.

    Other than this, it's still a must have for any racing enthuasist.

    When I bought the sim, not more than maybe two months ago now, people complained about lack of tracks. Since then I would say it has nearly exploded and the available tracks in this game is nothing to complain about.
  5. me? i came from lfs. after trying out 1.2, i waited 1.3 to come out and bought it. i love it. it just feels more realistic to me then lfs. what baffle me is this net code. it's like its flawed, and there is no way to fix it unless the net code is replace. its like the collusion detection is making it weird or over react. older games don't have this big of a flaw.

    i feel like netkar trying to make collusion realistic damage, but in a way it makes the collusion of cars just too extreme. its really scary to pass an opponent. it really just need less impact, even though it will be less realistic i think that's the way to go.
  6. I agree with everything everyone else has said. There is nothing worse that rubbing bumpers with someone and NkPro assumes you hit them with a 200mph impact, it can be very annoying. I would say that if NkPro can sort this issue out it would be a hard sim to beat. Even with the flaws that it has, many people still play it, so that should tell you how good it is. I know of quite a few rFactor mods which are binned and never played for far less faults, but there is something about NKP, once you're hooked you can't stop playing it.

    NKP used to be one of the most overlooked sims on the market, but seems to be gaining a lot more popularity, especially with the release of 1.3, which can only be a good thing.

    I would also add that NKP does seem a little difficult at first, especially if you try the demo and go out for a spin (literally, lol) in the 1600. However, once you've got your wheel dialled in and get a few laps under your belt everything soon falls into place. Probably one of the most rewarding sims I've played to date.
  7. I've had netKar since it was released in 2006. NetKar has the best physics, the best tyre model and is the most immersive driving experience available. Unfortunately it has the worst netcode of all the current sims. The collision detection and phantom crashes are appalling . For some reason it has got worse since v1.1

    I absolutely love hotlapping in this sim, but until Kunos sorts out the netcode I'll stick to iRacing for my online fun.

    For the price it's a no brainer. An essential purchase. The hillclimb is worth the money in itself. Just don't expect to race it online without major frustration.
  8. I thought point to point races wasnt possible online?
  9. Thanks all for the detailed input, much appreciated. Have DLed the demo and given it a whirl, sticking in about 30 laps. I can see what you mean, you seem to sense a lot of things going on beneath you with the car, there is alot of detail in the feel. Will keep testing over the next day or so. It's great! Is there a mod scene - tracks, cars, etc?
  10. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Hi Alex, glad to hear your enjoying the Sim, as far as mods etc go thers not any car mods, Kunos keeps his code very private, which stops poor quality mods/cars being introduced to the game, and thats fine by me, just look at some of the very poor mods produced for rF.
    Tracks on the other hand has exploded since some talented guys took to KOF-lite and started producing some great circuits. There is some 40+ track conversions and a handfull of scratch built tracks been produced in the past few months. Take a look at the downloads section here at RD. If your into track building you can go here this is the place to learn Track design and conversion from a very helpfull group of people.
    Cheers Alex, keep lapping mate :).
  11. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    A car from most racing category in nKPro and I will seize to play any other racing game. We need atleast one GT car like a BMW m3, WTCC type of car like Honda, V8 etc etc and this game will be on the top of all even iRacing. I cant bring myself to compare these games as I play them all and enjoy em. I even like a bit of Dirt2 once in a while.

    If I talk about this game alone, I could go on till morning. Brilliantly done. Took less than 1 min of testing the Tiny car to go to paypal and press purchase.

    You got to try Vintage car, absolutely in love with it. Treat it with respect and give it some TLC and it will thank you by running in the top grid every time.

    I have RaceOn for ATCC league which is a fantastic league hence the reason I keep using the game
    I have rF for when there is an FPWS league
    I have iRacing for that V8, Lotus, F1 and MX-5 league
    I have RBR for when I feel like going sideways to be fast
    And now I have nKPro for that Vintage and Tyre physics all the above dont even come close.

    Too many games maybe but all enjoyable.

    Edited to add:

    Just remembered this and thought of sharing this.

    Been in public servers today with the Vintage and open wheelers. Here is what I mean about tyre physics. I will try to explain it without confusing myself lol.

    I go out of the pits and start my outlap, I can feel, i mean not just see from the behaviour of the car but feel from the steering wheel, I have less grip. Tyres n brakes still cold. Locking the wheels at T1 and understeering. On to the straight to start my hotlap and still tyres are not upto temp, brakes are in optimum condition. Can tell from how fast the car slows down compared to the outlap. Finish the hotlap and start another. Now here is where this game is shocking. Going faster and feeling the grip now. I can commit with confidence. I can be that lil bit aggressive on my 3rd lap than 2nd or outlap.

    Once I hit my sweetspot with tyre temps I am consistent lap after lap. Great feeling.
  12. Hehe, same here :D. I also was never a fan of open-wheelers.
  13. Thanks Andrew. Can you post that link again? I can't make it work for some reason. Cheers.
  14. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    NP Alex, dont understand why it stopped working try this one
    If that refuses to work, just do a search for rsracing.

    Cheers mate.
  15. In Brief:
    Realism, Physics and Simulation, netKar Pro wins hands-on.
  16. I love Netkar don't get me wrong, but if I really had to choose I think for the moment I'd still choose rFactor. Better netcode, more mods (some of very high quality, CART, Armarolii, F1_1992) the fact I can play and learn with the AI, endless amounts of tracks and add-ons, and a huge community.

    But thankfully I don't have to choose and can play both games. Just buy all the games you like and play all of them, most "sims" are very cheap at the moment so its a good time to get everything you want.

    Good ffb in rFactor is an artform consisting of Leo FFb and Realfeel. Get those two right and you'll really enjoy rFactor, the problem is most people don't have the time or patience find the right settings.

    The FFB, tyre model, and weather is the best in Netkar....but we all know what's coming....
  17. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    This is true Paul, and a very good point.
    I keep forgetting about the upcoming releases of rF2 and GTR3.
  18. You're right I wasn't even thinking of GTR3. I just started getting into the RACE series, also pretty fun, not as much as Netkar though. But maybe we should stop comparing before someone mentiones iRacing haha!oops! :wink:

    Pretty soon they'll be so many quality sims to play that our heads will explode!
  19. The only Quality sims out there right now are Race On and NetkarPro. If there's going to be GTR3, it will be included in my list of quality sims. but it still far from 'so many'.
  20. i say, thx ISI and SIMBIN sims, for that years what they make a present.
    but in moment
    first place i give nKPro, LFS, iR.

    p.s. rF2 and GTR3 a must
    desire for make good sim and i hope they will that!!!