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Better Career Mode

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by careyf4st, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I know some may not care but I do enjoy playing the career mode in 2010, and one thing I dont like is that when you go to another team and take over someone's ride they don't get signed to another team. example I drove for Virgin won the championship and signed with Redbull and now im Vettel teammate. I dont like how Mark Webber not in the season now but T.Glock is for virgin since im not racing for them. I think the driver you take over for should get signed by another team and should be looking to beat you each week to prove that you shouldn't have his ride and have AI contracts run out and move to other teams. I know the race pureist out there may not like it but I think it would add some realism to career mode, and offer a greater challenge if you sign with a TOP Team instead of a lower team.
  2. I believe the issue there is with copyright laws from F1. The association is very particular in how accurately everything is portrayed and in real life if a driver does not move to another team you are unable to do so in the game.
  3. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I would love to see that too but I reckon jcz5029 is probably correct in thatits purely down to licensing, etc.
  4. Yep. People need to stop complaining about Codemasters when it comes to things like no savable replays, no drivers moving to other teams, only two Ferraris/McLarens on the grid etc. It's nothing to do with Codemesters at all; it's all to do with Formula One Management (FOM) and how outrageously strict they are with the licence.
  5. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    You think the lack of saveable replays are to do with FOM? I wasn't aware that was anything to do with them.. I had hoped we would be getting a better replay system in 2011.
  6. The F1 license restrict Codemasters from doing a lot of what I would think they would love to do in the game. Things like damage to the cars, as the cars are covered in sponsors they also must be in the game, and must be displayed at all times, this restricts the use of damage. The license is also why the game comes out it September and not the start of the season, Codemasters only get to see the cars at the first race, as the teams like to keep things relating to the cars under wraps as long as possible. Then they have to build the cars in the game, and get it all signed of by the teams and sponsors, and F1 managers. which is around july time, then it's a race to the end, box it up and send it out, in September. It's all a shame, as there are some really cool ideas that would be great to see in the F1 game, that sadly business and money just take over.