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Beta Race Test: WTCC87 AE86

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Join in the fun here thanks for Yves and RD.
  2. Hey Hello Gunthar Rowe :)

    OH my GOD nO my favorite CAR AE86!!
  3. Awesome Mod Günthar, but if you are outside the car, and you look in front, there are 4 Wipers. 2 Are Moving, and 2 are still there ;)
    Anyway, the mod is awesome, cant wait for the final release!
  4. Yeeeahhhh Awesome MOD i love it to

    we cant wait for the final Version!
  5. TheWilly

    Tobias Worm

    Hi Günthar, I tested it, and I must say. AWESOME. Its so a lot of fun to drive this car. Thank you very much for this!

    At the moment I found 2 little bugs. On the outside view, the steeringwheel rotates not in the center of the steeringaxle. And on the cockpit-view, if I push the gas the left feet moves to the clutchpedal. I dont know, its possible to fix?
  6. i saw 3 bugs 1-Lights 2-wipers 3-Steeringwheel outside camera if u look to driver i will see this little bug
    and thats all guys :D

  7. Will check this one out, thanx

    I set left foot braking, so that is the driver taking his foot off the brake to "hover" over the clutch, as the right foot is always over the gas pedal.

    Re #1 can you explain what is the issue with the lights, thanx

    Re#2 I'll edit the old fixed wipers, I assume this is on the Trueno, but will check all chassis

    Re#3 will recenter the pivot point on the steering wheel for the external view. Thanx
  8. I LOVE IT TOo~~~~
  9. Non-moving wipers corrected
  10. External View Steering wheel pivot point corrected...
  11. Have made some changes to the WTCC87 spec car with respect to camber and damper adjustment to be in-line with the SimBin WTCC87 cars
  12. Hey Whatz up Gunthar Rowe

    "Re #1 can you explain what is the issue with the lights, thanx"

    when u moving around with camera outside with lights on! u can see the small bug

    but this is not important! thks

    ahh just one quastion Gunthar when will you end the Mod? THKS and have a nice day
  13. TheWilly

    Tobias Worm

    I found it too, if you look outside from front left or front right to the car and the light is on, on of the light "switch" off. I know this bug also from some other addon cars.

    Kind Regards!
  14. Thanks for explaining the issue. Will look in to it.
  15. I did not try this mod yet, but I found one bug durring instalation. The files in "UIData" are in conflict with "Mak-Corp Formula 1 2007" mod, both mods use the same file names.
  16. Yup, UIData is just the menu car logos, and I made the F1 2007 mod anyway, so it is exactly the same files as I made them all myself :) Overwrite or don't it will make zero difference... The "clash" will be the Toyota logos
  17. Hey Whatz Up Gunthar!

    So when you end the Toyota? can you tell?
  18. Well, after this weekends Test Race I hope to have finished the WTCC version, then it's tweaking the Club car and I'll release...

    Just a little, please Gunthar. :pray: Maybe another 25BHP for a nice round 230BHP.

    I loved driving the Trueno, and even though I'm not good in a RWD Touring type car when it comes to braking (I feel better in a big GT) the AE86 was nice and easy to drive. Its corning speed through turns like Renault corner (turn 3) at Barca was scarially higher than the BMW or Alfa. With it being a smaller, lighter car, when it slid out a bit, it was much more controllable than the other two would be.

    But the 86s were being destroyed in a straight line, and I mean destroyed. Barcalona was a good place to test these cars. All four were evenly balanced, but due to the much higher cornering speed through fast sweepers in the 86s, once in front, they could easially pull out a lead if the driver was fast and didn't make mistakes.

    I was racing Swingman, and omg, these 86s are LOUD! Engine may not produce much power, but what a noise! :wink::D

    Never noticed any real obvious bug from Swingman, so thats good.

    Theres just one thing I want to ask, and its to do with the setup screens in the respective cars.

    Heres an Alfa 75 Screen
    Race_Steam 2010-12-18 21-03-12-95.jpg

    Heres an 86's Screen
    Race_Steam 2010-12-18 21-04-27-81.jpg

    With looking at the two screens, why is it that I can only change the tyre pressures for the rear tyres?

    But you can change the Packers? Have no real idea what these do so I just left them alone.

    Then we come to the Bump and Rebound settings. In the BMW or Alfa, you can go from 1 to 16. In the 86s, its 1 to 8. :confused: Also, with the BMW and Alfa, you can be as daft as you want with the Fast and Slow settings (ex, Front 15 Fast Bump, Front 5 Slow Bump, etc), but in the 86s, you can only make the settings move by changing the slow settings. But by doing this, both the Fast and Slow settings for Bump and Rebound respectivially always stay the same (ex, Front 5 Fast Bump, Front 5 Slow Bump, etc). To me, this just seems odd to me, as I like to normally have the Slow higher as it tends to help with weight transfer.

    Thats what I can give for now, and I look forward to running the 86 again, and to anymore 87/classic Touring cars being made for Race.

  20. I choosed Toyota Levin for race, and it is very nice car.

    The car is beautifully modeled...very nice work :thumb:


    Well, more power would be great for this car, but on the other hand, it looks balanced compared to other WTCC 87 cars. It is slower on straights but much faster in corners, especially in fast corners. But maybe, it will be good idea to release this car with more power too, not to compare with other WTCC 87, but to make its own class, because this car with more power should be great fun to drive.


    Great! It is not much to say about this...it handles very, very well. It is fun to drive, but fast as well. It is kind a like an Catherham CSR. Of course, Caterham have very unique handling, but the common thing is, that both cars can be driven in, lets say, not very clean way (powerslides, drift,...) but fast as well, in some cases it is maybe even faster, then driving in correct racing line.
    And the car is very stable on curbs or bumps (maybe too much stable). I tried this car on the other tracks like Nordschleife or Col de Joux Plane (which is very narrow track) and it feels great (IMHO better than on Barcelona 07). I vote for next race in Nordschleife with this car :cool:

    I found 3 bugs:

    1) Foot animation is not correct, when no pedal is pressed, left foot is on the brake pedal (but it should be on the clutch pedal) and right foot is on the throttle pedal and when the throttle pedal is pressed, the left foot move to clutch pedal.

    2) During the race, I noticed one pretty annoying bug. For some reason, sometimes the interior view look weird - overlapping of some objects.

    Image: http://www.michal3d.ic.cz/other/images/Toyota_01.jpg

    3) Mirrors doesn't work very well. What's more, in some cases, they was very distracting in the race.

    Overall, I have to say, that this mod is very nice, car handles beautifully and looks very good as well.

    Thank you Günthar :thumb:
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