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Beta Race Test #1: True2Life-Racing & LMT DTM 2008-2010 beta v1.4 Feedback

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. You can adjust the final diff ratio with MoTeC-Add I would assume like for the F1 2007 mod. Also, you can edit you setup .svm directly...

    Look at this line in your .svm:

    Ratio options are:

    ratio=(18,22) << use FinalDriveSetting=0
    ratio=(23,26) << use FinalDriveSetting=1
    ratio=(20,21) << use FinalDriveSetting=2
    ratio=(24,24) << use FinalDriveSetting=3
    ratio=(24,23) << use FinalDriveSetting=4
    ratio=(24,22) << use FinalDriveSetting=5
    ratio=(24,21) << use FinalDriveSetting=6
    ratio=(22,18) << use FinalDriveSetting=7
    ratio=(27,21) << use FinalDriveSetting=8

    The default setup uses:

    ratio=(24,22) << use FinalDriveSetting=5
  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Gunthar do you think the final gear ratio from the previous DTM mod will work with this one ?
  3. Will the car go just as quick and be stable without adjusting any off this?
    Not really sure what you are trying to acheive here mate, sorry!
  4. I noticed that the headlamps did not work on the 2008 Mecedes and neither did the Motec screen in the cockpit light up or change colour. The backlights did work though. All my settings were maxed out, the weather was on heavy rain and the track was the Lausitz Ring 07 if it is relevant. I haven't checked if it was the case for all the other cars with a different track or settings.
  5. It's using the same gear file as the 2007/2008 DTM Mod
  6. the 2008 2009 and 2010 Mercedes are exactly the same, but will check it out.

    just on the Mercedes? I'll check this out too...
  7. As the gearbox ratios are locked in the current DTM regs but the final gear (in the rear diff) is adjustable, you can in this mod adjust the final diff ratio and therefore increase or decrease the overall ratio and therefore max top speed/acceleration.
  8. I had created the MoTeC glow in my build but it was done after the beta 14 was released. So, this one can be struck off the list :)
  9. The 2008 headlight work, but.... they are dulled very badly when under a shadow caster like in a pit box, so when testing cars on heavy rain track and still in the pit box you may find that the lights appear to not work from some angles...

    Will look into trying to improve the shadow receiving properties of the light effects
  10. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    After doing a bit of practice and participating in the club event, i have to say the DTM cars feel very good to drive. According to the real DTM drivers they tend towards low-speed understeer, while retaining a lot of aero-grip in the fast corners and i definitely felt that while driving them. Also, having ran a test at Monza i can confirm that these cars don;t 'bottom out' so much over bumps. In the previous DTM mod for Evo, whenever you approached the Ascari chicane- and even with full ride height and packer settings- the car would lose speed as it scraped the ground. I'm glad that's sorted. Other issues are purely cosmetic, but perhaps something can be done to improve the low-rev sounds?

  11. Cheers Ross!
  12. Great job Günthar.

    I couldn't race in the special event last night, but we have tried to run a dedicated server with the beta version and the Mercedes appear as Unknown, and therefore nobody can joint the server. We have tried to allow only the Audis and then there is no problem.

    Regards and congratulations.
  13. if it shows as Unknown, then that is because your server must be running other mods that has a ModelID clash.

    this is the model ID's for the Merc

    74- Mercedes C-Klasse DTM W204 2009 DTM
    75- Mercedes C-Klasse DTM W204 2010 DTM
    76- Mercedes C-Klasse DTM W204 2008 DTM

    checking my own ModelID list and also the one kept at NoGripRacing.com no other mods use 74,75,76, but you must be running something...
  14. Thanks a lot Günthar. I will check the ModelID in the mods that are installed in the server and post the results here.


    Edit: I have found the problem. It was one of the mods installed in my computer, the PTSim's FIA GT 2010, which have three cars with the same ModelID than the DTM Mercedes.

    Thanks again.
  15. Hi there, can you please get me a link to the PTSims mod.

  16. I have found the mod in the following link http://www.gtchallenge.net/forum_GTR/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1206&start=0

    Found the cars by trial and error, cause the inccar files are encrypted, so first moved the folders mod by mod until I found the culprit, and then, before uninstalling the mod I moved back the cars one by one, until I found the three cars which cause the problem (BMW M3 GT2, Ford GT and Nissan GT-R).

    Hope this can help you.
  17. awesome, thanks for the link. This will help me and other modders to reduce conflicts.

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