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Best way to find clean servers (non-league)

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by alex98uk, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Hey, since I got my G27 i'm really enjoying online and winning a few races now.

    But the public races are horrid, people blocking the track, parking on the apex and generally doing stupid stuff.

    Are there any locked servers/sessions constantly running for clean drivers? If so, how do I get access?

    I understand there are leagues and "casual" events that are planned on specific dates, but due to my job, I can never be sure when i'll be online... so I can't really plan to go to a race event.

    Is there a solution for this kind of situation?
  2. Im afraid there is no way around this problem. Sadly this will always be the case when racing in public servers. Iracing is the only sim so far that has a decent system to prevent these "drivers" from joining higher class races.

    I race allot in public servers myself because of work and its really a hit or miss type of thing. So if u want good racing its either iracing or joining planned events like the ones on RD. I got multiple sims installed on my pc so whenever i got the time to race i just check the w.h.i.p on RD to see what races/sims are running that night and join them.

    If ure interested i can provide u with a months free premium acces om RD so u can try it out yourself.
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  3. @OP you will find it in every Sim and except joining leagues there is no other way around it.
    If youre lucky you will find leagues which often and regulary do "fun events" - joining a league doesnt always mean joining a championship ^^

    I disagree - there are a lot of examples of crash drivers even in the higher tiers in iRacing. And those are not public races btw. I mean its a league system and you just cant say i wanna race the Indy Cars at the beginning, you have to rank up before you can do that (in those "tiers")

    But its a lot better than in other Sims. But imo the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
  4. The only clean and fair racing for Pcars is right here. Racedepartment Club and league racing. Nothing better anywhere.
    Pay the pittance of a small membership fee (and it is a very small fee of less than 0.030 cents per day and you can race here with like minded clean guys. When joining and becoming a premium member you are also contributing to this great site and its racing clubs and its downloads. Be a contributor and feel better in yourself. Premium members get along just great in the race clubs here. :thumbsup:
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  5. @neuer31 I don't know what you think is funny about my post. I can only assume you think being a contributing member is funny? I know you seem to poke fun at being a paying member here for some reason. You know as well as I do, there are no clean and fair Pcars servers out there. There is here. Its the only place for good, clean and fair racing to proper rules. Instead of mocking, you should try it one day. My offer to pay for you to join and try it is still available.
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  6. That is funny - because its wrong and sounds really *arrogant*
    I know a few other leagues that have clean and fair racing for PCars aswell with many drivers. That doesnt mean that RD Club is bad - tbh i cant judge that as I have never driven there...
    But for sure its not the only good one out there

    P.s. If you want "facts" (aka names of the leagues) i can PM you them [im not sure if im allowed to name them here]
    I never did that, otherwise plz provide proofs
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  7. You might find it funny for some bizarre reason, but you are missing out on being a member here. To be honest I doubt you actually play Pcars much and probably no MP at all. You exist to argue.
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  9. Andy it's an opinion really and I believe both of you I am sure there are good servers other than RD but also RD is probably one of the best.