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Best TT lap times

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Iain Hamilton, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Post em here, i shall do the same later today.
  2. Doesnt the GFWL leaderboards automatically take care of this sort of thing? ;)
  3. GFWL?
  4. Games For Windows Live - its the server you connect to when playing F1 2011, and it stores your TT times on a leaderboard.
  5. Hmm, i still have no idea about what you are talking :)

    Obviously i can see the XBL leaderboards, but was hoping to get some multi-platform comparisons.
  6. Of course, my mistake.
  7. I am sure there must be some TT times posted on here but can't seem to find a simple list without tons of other gumph, the times i have seen posted on here from PC users seem really really slow (no offence).
  8. Ok well i'll start, these are on XBL, Microsoft wheel and pedals, no assists. set just after latest patch and can and will be improved on.

    Melbourne: 1:18.403

    Kuala Lumpur: 1:25.450

    Shanghai: 1:26.418

    Istanbul: 1:20.898

    Catalunya: 1:14.081

    Monte Carlo: 1:07.298

    Montreal: 1:06.798

    Valencia: 1:30.070

    Silverstone: 1:23.191

    Nurburgcockring: 1:23.990 (Poor! Hateful bloody track! Should be banned!!!)

    Budapest: 1:11.951

    Spa: 1:38.354

    Monza: 1:16.673

    Singapore: 1:29.732

    Suzuka: 1:25.152

    Yeongam: 1:28.045

    New Delhi: 1:18.103

    Yas Marina: 1:28.911

    Sao Paolo: 1:05.898