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Best time not being saved

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Steve Emmons, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. I've been noticing that my best time isn't being saved in RBR after completing a stage. Is there a configuration setting I've missed or is it because I'm using the "Play Alone" option in RSRBR2010?
  2. I am using Play alone too and after stage has completed it gives you some kind of menu where you can safe your replay or exit, what do you have there?
  3. I have the same screen where a replay can be saved, but the time doesn't seem to be saved. At the end of the stage there is a display where it shows the "Stage Best", "Personal Best", and "Current Time". Don't think I have the wording quite right, but there are 3 times displayed. I would have guessed that it would save my personal best so that if I come back the next day to run the stage again it would still be there for comparison...
  4. Depending on which option you used to run the Stage, but assuming you use "Launch RSRBR2010", you should get a menu list at the end of the Stage (the list which includes the Save Replay Option). One of the Options is "Save progress", this is the one to hit to save your time if it is your best for the Stage. That time will then be recorded as your new best stage time.
  5. Thanks, that was it... I was clicking "Play Alone" and then the "Go" button. It seemed like the "right thing to do" at the time, but a menu pops up that only has the "Save Replay" option. RBR appears to run fine, but only a partial menu pops up at the end of the stage. If the RBR is launched using the "RSRBR2010" button then a menu with all the options pops up at the end, including "Save progress".:)
  6. I never use that "Go" button when playing off-line, not really sure what it is for, except when playing on-line.