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Best rim G27/T300/GT3RS?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by ice_kimi, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Hi, i want to know which rim feel better? I have owned these wheels in the past but cant really remember grip feeling.
    I am not talking about base only rim
    Paddle? i think G27 ones are pretty clicky and feel awesome
    Aesthetic? Also thinking G27 rim look better while T300 rim looks like a plastic steering wheel
    GT3RS is not bad either but its replica
    Buttons and ergonomic? Both GT3RS and T300 having well positioned buttons. G27 buttons aren't well placed while driving, you need to move sightly your fingers into them
    Size? i really like smaller rims, GT3RS is a bit bulky
    Overall, i will buy again one of these wheels again, which one do you advice me to buy?
  2. I find this thread quite odd when you have tried them all already???

    A benefit of going with a Thrustmaster is that you can very easilly change rims to whatever you like.
    I don´t see what I and anybody can help you with here in regard of rims you already tried. Even if you have vague memories it´s much better then any input any of us can add.
  3. To me it's like this:
    Feel of rim: GT3 > G27 > T300
    Shifter paddles: G27 > T300 > GT3
    Aestethics: GT3 > G27 > T300
    Buttons: T300 > GT3 > G27
    FFB T300 >>>>> GT3/G27

    To me, the T300 rim is too small and that make me rate it as unergonomic because it actually hurt when going full opposite lock on it, but then again I have used the GT3 wheel for 2 years and was both used to and VERY happy with that.
    I find the Alcantra on the GT3 rim better than the leather on the G27, the rubber on the T300 was awful in my opinion, my hands felt sticky and filthy after 30+ mins of driving.
    The shifter paddles on the GT3 is a bit shady imo, occasionally mis shifted or didn't shift at all, the G27 as a great feel to the paddles and the T300 was decent as well.
    Number of buttons on the G27 wheel makes me rate it last, placement is ok I guess, if you count the shifter then I guess you have enough buttons but you asked for the rim specifically. The T300 takes it home here for me, mainly because the buttons on the GT3 is somewhat easy to accidently press when manhandling the wheel in a slide etc, other than that they are ok.
    Personally I'd say the FFB on the T300 is so much better than the other wheels that if this is a factor at all, and you can live with the smaller rubber rim, then go for that. Otherwise, I love the GT3 and would have no issues recommend that to my best friend.
    G27 is your old trustworthy workhorse, you know what you get and it's good overall. :)
    Did I make things easier? Prob not, but at least I managed to produce yet another wall of text.
    Well done Kjell! /pats myself on the back....

    Edit: I forgot, I also much prefer the bigger size rim on the GT3, it's 300mm while the G27 is 270 and the T300 is 280mm, I find both of the others too small for my taste.
  4. Just to give another perspective: I actually found the ergonomics of my Fanatec GT2 less comfortable than my G25 or T300. The rim was too wide and I found the 9:3 hand position wasn't that nice.

    I also don't have any issue with stickiness of the rubber Thrustmaster rims, so personally that's not a disadvantage for me either, although I do agree that alcantara or leather is nicer.

    Personally for me the answer is also simple: FFB on the T300 is so much better than any Logitech wheel or the sluggish Fanatec Porsche wheels, so it wins easily.
  5. I agree to this, that having been said, less than a week after returning my T300 and back at driving on my GT3 I didn't miss the T300 much, while inferior in FFB I find it good enough to get the job done.
  6. Thanks for all these great feedbacks, i used G27 and GT3RS during a short period and it was long time ago lol
    Having currently a Ferrari F1 addon, what do you think about this F1 wheel vs anothers rounded wheels?
  7. F1 rim is great but not for rallying. I won´t comment on drifting because I am so bad at it ;) Richard Burns Rally never quite worked for me no matter how much I tried. ymmv but the hands do get a bit more locked. If you use very little steering ratio something like 270 or less perhaps it should work fine of course. For GT and formularacing it´s great though. May feel out of place for Nascar and vintage cars but it does work there just fine too.