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Best rally video ever...

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Mark Johnston, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. check this video out, its mega!

  2. Hehe, was wondering if there'll be a Mineshaft jump in there. Nice find :)

    LOL, I see there's a Shepherds Shield house there too, at 6:35 :D
  3. nice find!! fun to watch!

    Love the attitude there 5:56!
  4. the gt3 sounds so good!!! and the audi s1! hmmm
  5. No offence, but this is the best rally video ever ;)

  6. yea man, Group B ruled! more power than grip, secret to good Motorsport! Dont think any of the 2011 car will be remembered like this!

    What has happened my sport! its all gone so gay!
  7. Hilarious Eddie, I'd be a nervous wreck with him as co-driver. :D:D
  8. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    It opens!
    It tightens!
    It opens!
  9. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    They both are really good videos!
  10. @eddies link

    if that was my co-driver I would be laughing hard while driving haha!
  11. In the case of Group B, it was several deaths and many near misses that killed that spec. For the 2011 spec, its unfortunate to see the cars down in power once again, but with only two manufacturers and one works team in the championship and the IRC with many more active manufacturers and gaining popularity, something had to give. It was a good idea to base the spec off one lots manufacturers have already developed for touring cars and IRC, that makes it a lot easier for them to get into the championship.

    Its already worked with Mini coming in and VW looking at running a couple of events, so hopefully there are more to follow.
  12. IRC has only 2 manufactures... Ford abandoned (at least a lot of them), DS3 is only one and Protons are only 2

    Actually there are only Škoda fighting with Peugeot in the top counting
  13. Hilarious movie, Eddie. That reminded me about this one:

    "Nudge him, nudge him!"

    Contrary to the common belief Group wasn't THAT fast. The most outrageous car had only 1.8l engine - once freed from the restrictor + maybe throwing an additional supercharger, Delta S4 style, current WRC would just destroy those older beasts. To achieve the overpower ratio we'd need a bit more, but at this point I'd say that WRCs are faster than Group B in general. Suspension development gives them the edge.

    About the IRC - isn't Abarth still in the mix? But yeah, Peugeot and Skoda are a bit similar to Ford and Citroen in WRC, especially with the new package of improvements for the 207.
  14. Fast and quick are too very different things ;)

    So they only had small engines? Doesn't really matter, the power is what counts - look at the Sierra RS500 in track racing - 2.0L, one turbo, almost 600bhp.
  15. Aaaaand the lag :D. It's all about how much air you can feed to the engine, that's why the WRCs were making around 340HP before the engine switch. The 34mm flow-restrictor get's in the way of busting out the big numbers :).

    1986 ECV1/2 Lancia prototypes had engines that were producing around 600 horses too, with almost no lag (thanks to the triflux system) from the same 1.8L block as Delta S4 :).

    And yep, Group B was fast, not really quick at all times :) (you can see how they had to feather the throttle in less than perfect conditions and tighter sections).
  16. @Lukasz Video

    I wan't my co-driver in rsrbr to be like that, when approaching a tight/slow corner he always reminds the driver :D tight tight tight.. 2right 2right 2right :D
  17. Nice vid Lukasz:wink::wink:, better than some car chase scenes you see at the movies.

    Rallying the Irish way, always a good watch! :wink:
  18. Contributions from Finland... i think some one all ready here stated that rallying is NOT our national sport, but wrecking a Ford Escort is:

    And Finns are back... :)

  19. LOL, epic crashes. Have experienced most of them in Richard Burns Rally :D

    I still wonder what a full throttle jump over Mineshaft would actually look like :D