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Best Race ever

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Szeky, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Thanks to the "All in one-combo Ai pack" i managed to finish Monace on a UBER wet race like this(watch the AI times) : [​IMG]

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    The ai were very stupid,since the 3rd lap almost every car was out (DNF),so i think the AI mod needs some improvements for wet races =).
  2. Quite strange indeed. I rarely ever have any AI cars with DNF's (Unless I do something stupid and wreck them) even in wet races.
  3. Hah! Rubens Barrichello! Only man to beat the Stig. Not surprising he finished the race too. XD
  4. OMG,so true! bhahaha xD
  5. interesting.. if only two ppl finished the race.. and the others DNF.. do they still get points??
  6. Yes
  7. yes but I think they have to complete some % of race... Anyway dont think the game count with this :)
  8. hehe thats a nice thing..
  9. Well some times when I drive a wet race some drivers go DNF as well without me wrecking them, but not so many of 'em lol.
  10. wow interesting.... was this on PS3?