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Best pp filters?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tomas Torasen, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. I'm curious what combination of weather and pp filters you guys found giving the best looking results?

    After the update I'm able to run higher settings so I thought I'd take advantage of it.

    So far the Carmen mod looks good to me but it's a a little dark and either too warm or too cold. Also gives me some weird reflection effects that looks blurry.

    Interesting to hear your thoughts, perhaps with some screenshots :)
  2. Blackcelica's for looking good all tracks, all times. Recently updated. I would say that, it's mine. Just search blackcelica
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  3. Thanks blackcelica, the one called photo something was the best one for my taste.

    How about the weather? How are those files made? I understand what the numbers are, but translating them into photoshop or something would be very time consuming. is there a way of adjusting it to my liking then saving presets inside the game on track?
  4. Surely this depends how good your system is also down to own preference
  5. Yes so what is your contribution to this discussion?
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  6. So after some tweaking. I have all display settings at max. Overall effect at max, glare I will try to disable and see if I like it better. I think the HDR settings in the preset is making the halos around objects.
    Color saturation at 85.
    PP-filter: PP-Photo_CTP
    Time of day 17:30-18:00
    Mid Clear makes is a little more dynamic than Clear but keeps the ray of lights, for bright weather.

    This base already looks so much better than what I had as default.

    About reflections.. does anyone know if this is only mirrors or reflections of other objects? If so, what?
  7. Looks very natural to my eyes now.

  8. Robin


    It does look good indeed. Are these stock PP filters or is this a mod?
  9. Weather is stock mid clear at 17:30. Blackcelicas pp filter as mentioned in previous post. Saturation set at 85.

    An option is carmens mid clear weather, will give more pleasing contrast but the shadows becomes too dark to the point that it limits visibility and driving.
    Would like a middle grounded weather between those two.

    Where do I find info on how to edit these files?
  10. Glaurung

    Staff Premium

    Except in the replays, where I like the vintage filter, I do not use PP filters at all when driving.
  11. Actually the default filter is as much of a filter as the other ones as I understand it, it's a base. It tells the graphics engine what different values should be, contrast, gamma, exposure and so on. So you're always using one.

    I've tweaked one to my liking now. For my eyes to make it look more natural, I dont really like too much of an effect. I'll upload it to the mods department.
  12. I use a mix of "Bernd's Real Life Graphics & Weather 1.5" with "Natural Graphics Mod 2.4", and then
    I tweaked them to my liking. It looks incredible.
    I actually deleted Kunos filters.
    If you want, I could send you the files I'm using.
    I don't think you would like it though, cos according to your screenshots, you like the dark and desatured look better. lol
  13. Could you perhaps show some screenshots of how it looks? I really like sunset: 17:00-18:00 so wouldnt mind if you showed something around there =)

    I'm working on weather files now to combine with the pp-filter I'm using. It's meant to be a quite heavy clouded dark sky but with the sun just shining through creating warm light against the blue shadows which are very contrasty color wise at that hour in real life also. Here are some screens:

    I'll tweak it alot more from this probably. Just started. Weather is really tidious to work with since I need to restart the whole game to see the changes.
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  14. Update:
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  15. I know that's a lot of pictures, but... lol
    ALL taken with natural graphics mod's "clear weather", at 18:00.
  16. Imola looks nice too...;)
  17. btw, I actually created a series of filters for EACH kind of weather.
    Fog, rain, snow, sunny, and also morning/evening.
    Each filter has 2 versions too, one "clear", and one with some kind of softening filter, which is used in these screenshots.

    I guess I'm not done editing them though...
    Cos I just noticed my rain filter still has some sunrays... Weird... lol

    Colors are based on what I see in real life when I drive here in southern France.
    I'm not into weird filters, I try to make it look like the real thing here.

    Edit... I wonder if the sunset shouldn't look a bit redder... but the reds are already quite strong, I feel... Hmmm

    In real life, colors are even more saturated during sunsets, actually...
    so maybe I didn't go overboard..
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  18. I worked a bit on my filters... Here are new pics.
    I still think my sunset is really underwhelming. I'm quite satisfied with the rest.
    In order, fog, night, rain, snow, sunny, sunrise, and sunset.;) FOG - lotus_49_spa_14-10-115-1-34-44.jpg NIGHT - lotus_49_joux-plane_14-10-115-1-41-16.jpg RAIN - lotus_49_miseluk_14-10-115-1-37-57.jpg SNOW - lotus_49_montecarlostage3_14-10-115-1-33-6.jpg SUNNY - lotus_49_krajiskazmija_14-10-115-1-39-31.jpg SUNRISE - lotus_49_ks_nordschleife_14-10-115-1-55-28.jpg SUNSET - lotus_49_salzburgring_14-10-115-1-48-29.jpg
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  19. I like how it looks tomas, are you planning to release the content needed like in your screenshots above?
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