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Best pack for Summer Sale

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Enagee, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Currently race AC, RF2,Ams,Pcars and held back on raceroom due to ffb which has improved and pricing...

    Never paid attention to the pricing structure or race series so dont have a clue whats best to buy/race. Any advice on the best value or popular pack to buy, Is this the absolute best time to buy ?
  2. If you don't own ANYTHING, I mean ZERO, then get the 50€ pack. BUT get it buying 5000 vRP from the store for 34,99€ and then purchase the 50€ pack. It will cost you 15€ less.

    If you own several packs, like me for example, I suggest don't buy anything.
  3. Thanks ....Havent bought anything from Raceroom Zero!.... this vRP business i do not understand..and dont like.

    Do i have to do this through R3E store then buy the pack via steam?
  4. If you don't own anything yet, you are better off with one of the Steam DLCs:
    Take a look at the DTM Experiences, the ADAC GT Masters Experience and the WTCC 2015 Season Pack.