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best nvidia driver?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by mungopark, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. hi,
    since i have installed the latest nvidia drivers (280.26) for my 260 gtx-card, the game is stuttering. can anybody advise me, which driver is the best for f1 2011? thanx in advance. :)
  2. I use 285.27, no problems at all
  3. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I use 285.35, no problems
  4. And I use latest (280.26) and have no problems with them. GPU is 560GTX Ti.
  5. ok, will try the newest beta-drivers.
  6. I use the 285.35 Drivers, The reason is I played the Battlefield 3 Beta and I used these for that and I also have the GTX260 card.

    I am running F1 2011 in Ultra and returning Framerates at 35........The human eye can only see up to 36FPS and that is smooth.....
  7. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    When talking about computers/electronics it is irrelevant how many fps a human eye can see. The more fps a game produces the better the quality else there would be no reason to ever produce technology to increase it. More fps in a game = smoother gameplay.

    And id get the latest Beta drivers for 2011 they are much better. The stuttering though could be caused by anything really it does not have to be a graphics card/driver issue causing it.
  8. Perhaps I'm not human... because I can definitely tell difference between 35fps and 60fps. That "human eye can only see" thing is an old saying and it only applies to broadcast camera with motion blur. Games require higher fps because they usually lack motion blur.

    I personally don't ever want to go above 60fps because that's the refresh rate on my monitor and the tearing effect is far more disturbing than higher frame rate.
  9. djt


    I’m currently using the latest 285.38 drivers with a GTX 580/i7 980X setup and haven’t had any issues with F1 2011 or Dirt 3.

    I run both F1 2011 and Dirt 3 at 1920x1080 resolution (32” 1080p HDTV) with 8xAA and v-sync enabled and have no problem maintaining consistent 60+ fps performance with excellent image quality with these drivers.

    The human eye can see frame rate fluctuations as high as 70+ fps. The smoothest most fluid game play you’re going to see is when the frame rate consistently matches the refresh rate of the monitor (which is 60Hz for most LCD’s).
  10. OP get dirlinker and move the replay file to another location. This requires either a second internal harddrive or an external. helped my st st st st st st stuttering problem, with the game that is.

  11. this
  12. I tried to install the 280.26 drivers earlier tonight as a matter of fact, for my gtx260m (laptop card)

    They wouldn't install properly, but I had already deleted my older 260.xx driver. this caused a lot of frustration. I've got my game working now but I don't have access to the nvidia control panel or physX options anymore.

    I read that a lot of people were having trouble with the 280.26 driver and ended up rolling back to previous versions. I downloaded the nvidia drivers for my laptop (asus g72gx) but like I said there's no control panel or physX, every thing else seems to work fine however and I'm still getting the same 33FPS in the benchmark with medium graphics, 2xmsaa, 1280x720.

    However I'm not having as big of an issue with random stuttering. although a lot of people have said this could be a gpu temperature problem. I've got a bad laptop fan now, and I've only noticed stuttering when my laptop is at high temps. so for now I have an external room fan blowing on the back of my laptop, MSI afterburner reports 81 c as the max temp my gpu has gotten to, which is really not bad at all for a note book GPU
  13. solution for the stuttering - issue (for me):

    1. turn the replay file to "read only" (write protection)

    2.in my hardware_settings_config.xml, i changed:

    <audio mixing="software" reverbs="4" voices="100" />


    <audio mixing="software" reverbs="1" voices="100" />

    thanks for your advices.:D
  14. djt


    Over the last few months I've used the 280.26, 285.27 and now the 285.38's on two different systems with a GTX 480 and GTX 580 on fresh installs of Windows 7/SP1 64 and haven't had any problems with any of them.
  15. yup. 280.26s are running fine. I added MSI afterburner and can only get my PNY GTX550Ti up to a core of 1000MHz thats up from 900 stock. it did seem to smooth things out just a little.
  16. I must have a conflict in my laptop somewhere then because it was absolutely not working for me.

    Kind of annoying if you ask me, maybe it's something to do with Asus laptops.
  17. James in the Marketing Department is pretty quick :)
  18. azy


    in F12011 ingame graphics settings you can choose the AA you want, how do you force AF in the game.
  19. djt


    I was under the impression that with Codemasters EGO 2 engine (Dirt 3, F1 2011) 16xAF in game was default so I've always set AF to “application preference” in the video cards control panel options.

    Here is a review of F1 2011 before the patch that mentions something different -


    F1 2011 image quality -

  20. azy


    ok thanks, so you saying what ever the AA setting you choose the game will have 16xAF already in.