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Best Engine Sounds Ever: BRM V16

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

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  2. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    That sounds epic :)
  3. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    Oops sorry 9.25/10
  4. 10/10 :D
  5. its in the top 5 all time great sounding motors along with RR Merlin (ok not a car...although it has been done) :)

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  6. Randy Chamberlin

    Randy Chamberlin
    Premium Member

    Those sound amazing.
  7. Next I want to see "Brutus" though ;)
  8. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Favorite one : M1 sound :



    For the next article? ;)
  9. Best one yet. Great stuff. 9/10
  10. Adrian Britton

    Adrian Britton
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    When I was a young lad many many moons ago, I had a friend who's dad imported sports cars for a living.
    He once came back and had bought him this board that replicated a ferrari engine sound.
    All I can remember about it was that it made a sound just like that and it rattled his bedroom windows when he turned it up.
    I have never seen one since and that was like nearly 30 years ago, it was the sweetest sound I have ever heard.

    As soon as I heard that engine sound it was like having a blast from the past. :thumbsup:
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  11. It wasn't a Rolls Royce engine. They just designed and manufactured the supercharger.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_0xifuTqVA&feature=related