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Best car in GT Club class...?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mike Curran, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Hi guys what do u's think the best car in GT Club class is....?
  2. I think the most popular from what i've seen is the BMW Z4, it seems to have a very nice balance of handling with power, personally, i really like the Vertigo, it sticks to the road like glue and i think i can make up the time lost to the Z4's power with pure cornering. Im still testing all the club class, not played with Aston a huge amount or the Seat, but the Vertigo was the one i instantly got fastest times with before i even started tweaking the handling further.
  3. The Z4's fastest all-round, but my car of choice is also the Vertigo. Handles like a dream, and doesn't sound too bad either. :)
  4. The Z4 is the fastest, but I love the Seat, and given the right track with the Seat and driver combo it can really fly! But it has to suit your style as it's a bit like driving a boat :alien2:
  5. Wot wud b ur preferred brake settings for the Z4?
  6. Don't you think your fast enough MC, if you have a good set up aswell I might have to put a few sand bags in your boot :D
  7. You got the luck of the Irish Curran, thats all you need, lol
  8. Depends how you drive it and how good the setup is. Stock setups the Z4 is probably the fastest but with some tweaks the Aston and Viper are very fast too. Viper can be a hard car for others to overtake because its so fast on the straights.
  9. My favourite is the Z4, it's very nice to drive!:)
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Viper all the way especially on the faster tracks :)
  11. Bram i thought you wanted a Z4 for Xmas ?!!! :stop:
  12. Haha Davy Ive been rumbled doing sum research...! Just watched vids of a certain Mr Lemon racing in a Z4 for the Screamin Sours Team yeeeoooo
  13. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Its actually the Seat Cupra's beleive it or not. They are the fastest in a straight line and the best at longer tracks. At short twisty tracks you need a Vertigo or a Z4.
  14. No it's not the Seat :p

    We had a RDGTC season remember. The Z4 was the fastest car at most tracks, however in my hands at certain tracks the Seat really felt good and was very quick as it has lots of mechanical grip but at some tracks it's just to slow to fight the Z4, especially as it's worse on the tyres. The Viper does great to at the more fast and open tracks due to it's power, but is a very difficult beast to handle and drive fast! Credits to Jari for driving that beast as fast as he did! But overall the Z4 is the more consistent car.
  15. They really aren't when you consider the Viper can keep up with a GT Sport car - near enough anyway.
  16. I suppose it helped that half the field was using them... :giggle:
  17. Seat vs Z4, the Seat has more build up speed I found out, so it can pull off / build up a bit better then the Z4, but when they reach higher speeds they pretty much the same.
  18. I remember some events i done back in the day that were a series of head to head races through all the GT classes,the Club event was the Z4 V Aston at Mid Ohio,so half the grid split using the 2 cars and it was an Aston that won,but the difference was small,the Aston could cancel out the Z4's cornering gains on the straights.
    I love the Viper CC though,good old memories from GTR2 with them and the Evo ones are just as fun.
  19. It's pretty much pointless trying to nominate a "best" car, it depends on what you enjoy, and speed is dependent heavily on the track used. The Z4 is a good all rounder for most tracks and seemed easier to drive (for me). After driving the Viper in the recent League, I grew to like it because it was more of a challenge on the tighter tracks.
    I tend to judge the cars by my enjoyment level, rather than by which one I am fastest in. I also like to try lots of cars out and experience some variety, rather than always driving the same car every time with the aim of getting my best finishing place.
    This is just a game after all, so why not have fun by using all of the cars provided by the designer. :)