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Best budget sim for a person with limited hardware

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Tom Hart, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. I looking for some advice, I'm quite new to the sim scene. I've been playing GT5 since it came out and have recently purchased the DFGT wheel. I'm now looking for a more dedicated sim to run on my laptop (running Win 7) using my wheel.

    Now I'm just leaving college and will be off to university (Hopefully!) in September so I'm obviously on a bit of a budget!

    Now I'm curious, whats the best simracer (in your opinion) for someone on a tight budget. For example I've seen iRacing which looks sweet but there's no way I can justify spending that much on a sim!
    I'm currently playing Simraceway which offers all its (limited number) of tracks for free and you have the option of purchasing additional cars most of which are good value, however it seems to have some major FFB issues I can't seem to solve...

  2. Race 07+GTR Evo or Netkar pro....neither are supa demanding and neither cost much.
    Race07 is on steam down my way...
  3. Game Stock Car. For less than $30 it's an absolute bargain. 15 or so tracks and 4 of the best cars you'll find in any sim. Plus there is a free 2012 update coming very soon with new & updated cars & tracks.
    The GSC community here is very friendly and is a good starting point to finding online races.
    There's a half hour demo but to really appreciate it you will want the DLC which you can get when you buy the game.
  4. Have to say NetKar Pro!
    15€ is an absolute bargain for the amount of driving fun you get from that software.
    I bought it about a month ago and never looked back; awesome physics, nice variation of cars (although not a massive amount), many tracks to download for free (not all are very good but they're all worth at least a few laps) and a really nice community.
    The only thing bringing it down, at the moment, in this discussion is the amount of online activity... but take a look at www.kunosim.net and you'll fin a calendar with all the activity related to NKP.

    Hope this helps
    (you can also look at older sims that are still active.Many are available cheap and have racing clubs and leagues, for example, here at RD)
  5. Thanks everyone this is all very helpful! Have downloaded the demos for all the games you've suggested! I look forward to playing them when I have the time!
  6. There's always rFactor 1 as well.
    It has a HUGE selection of tracks & car mods that can be downloaded at many sites including their own; http://wwww.rfactorcentral.com/index.cfm
    I can't remember the cost to unlock the trial period now as it was some time ago & only a one of payment.
    There's plenty of support & it's Gmotor2 engine is what a lot of other sim's are based on including the new rF2, Simraceway, GTR2/Evo/Race '07....
    And even with rF2 recently being made public it still has plenty of support & Im sure will continue to for some time to come....
    Whatever your choice, welcome to sim racing!:thumbsup:
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    Hiroshi Awazu
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  8. Thanks! Again that looks nice. With all these demos I wont need to buy anything!! ;)