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Best ATI Drivers & Settings for AC?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Juris, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Hey hope someone can help here. Just wondering people's opinion on the best ATI settings in CCC or config file edits to use and if anyone has experienced better fps with any particular beta version of the ATI Drivers. I'm on an imac with a 1gb 6970m running triples and trying to eek out every last frame.

    The AF in AC is a mess as many know I get better fps with x4 As than with it off. Any ideas? Cheers.
  2. I let AC control everything...A whole bunch of use application settings in CCC...I'm running 8x AA and 16 AF

    That isn't very much card to be running trips. It is probably fine on older games but I would have to think that no matter what you are going to struggle with AC.

    I am running 2 6950's and with everything on high except cubemap resolution and no motion blue I am dangerously close to 60 fps. On one screen.
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  3. Thanks for the reply and info. Its surprising that I can get about 60-65 fps in open wheelers and between 45-55 in tin tops. Thats at 5760x1200. Its just the forthcoming AI & MP that have me in an fps hunt.

    I'm considering a new iMac with a 4gb 780m on board which would do the trick but as with most finances dont allow it currently. I have found that putting the framelimiter to max 200 fps causes in game fps to drop by 50%. Very odd. Still lots for KS to optimize.
  4. I know nothing of the Mac world (I think they are really expensive but I could be wrong there) but a top flight PC that would run everything on near high settings with plenty of frames would cost you less than $2000. Not sure where that compares to the Mac you are thinking of.

    I lock my frames to 61 and the game runs like butter.
  5. They are definitely more expensive for what you get in terms of performance but as I've gone from iMac to iMac they hold their resale value really really well compared to the pc's I used to build so total cost over a few years upgrading is actually quite good and you get a 27" panel built in and power consumption & noise are both very low.

    Are you locking at 61 rather than 60 to avoid tearing. Just ran the 599xx Evo around Silverstone at 55-60 so not so bad. Sweet jesus that car is awesome to drive :)
    KS are definitely working on the shadows. On 0.20 I dropped 20+ fps using shadows on medium from very low. Now its about 2-5fps. I can't use AF but frankly its a POS and KS need to get that sorted and also allow FXAA again without HDR. Which drivers are you using?
  6. I'm on catalyst 13.8...I haven't messed with drivers in a while so mine are probably old but they work and I just never think about it.

    61 seems to be the magic number for my system to run butter smooth with no microstutters, tearing, or anything generally bad happening...The shadows and track surface at Monza don't look anywhere near as nice as all the other tracks in the game...Hopefully there is still some work that will be done there.

    It is amazing hearing how every build it seems things get optimized more and more. I could probably up my cubemap resolution from low but really haven't noticed any difference between low and high. That might fix my Monza problem now that I think about it.
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  7. I'll try all the previous betas tomorrow (T500rs is burning after 6 hrs play tonight) and see if any boost the fps. I know 13.8 was ok for me but when I as running the DCS A-10c flight sim I gained almost 50% over 13.8 going to 13.10 but haven't been properly tracking my fps as I went upwards to 13.12 (every beta). Cheers.