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'Bernie demands Canadian improvements'

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Scott Webber, May 10, 2012.

  1. 'Bernie demands Canadian improvements'
    Bernie Ecclestone will reportedly only give Montreal a new F1 contract if the circuit undergoes major construction to its facilities.

    The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a favourite amongst the drivers and Formula One fans, currently has a deal with the F1 supremo that runs until 2014.
    However, if the organisers want to renew the contract, they will have to spend around £9.3million to update the facilities.

    "It is important to note that there are two years to run on the current contract with Formula 1 Management," race promoter François Dumontier told Canadian newspaper La Presse.

    "Given the fact that permanent structures at the circuit, such as the control tower and garages, are nearly 25 years old, it is likely that the rebuilding of these will be an important element in negotiations for an extension to the current agreement."

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  2. I hope they don't wreck the track, piss off Bernie.
  3. Oh, is it "Bernie-threatening-time" again?:rolleyes:

    *Gets out shotgun*

    You were saying, Bernie?

    Not wrong with updating pit facilities, but don't threat them, Moneystone.
  4. People are giving this guy too much credit for what F1 is today. Many people watch it despite him. I only watch it because Schumacher is racing. Needless to say, I only checked the race results once in a while between 07 and 09, just to be able to recognise what's still going on.

    Granted, he built it up pretty well, but since a few years ago it seems he is trying to wreck it.
  5. Sounds fishy. If you look at what the race promoter says it sounds different then the "demand from Bernie"

    And not one word or quote from Bernie. Had it really been set in stone i don´t think the promoter would use words as "it is likely"

    Would be more like "we have to"
  6. Don't touch my Wall of Champions.
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  7. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    the problem with that is that the circuit is on man made island and that the place is very limited so making improvements will be very hard. sure they can build new garages or control tower but it will have to be the same size as they are currently are and i doudt Bernie will want that i'm guessing he wants something more modern which can't be done in the current track configuration. if we look at the current configuration and where are the garages there is no place behind since you have "le bassin olympique" which i doudt the city of Montreal will allow to be fill to extend the island, same thing goes for the other side of the start/finish straight as its part of the scenery of the casino. the only place i could see where they could put brand new and improve garages is on the long straight but then again the place for grand stand in front of the garage would be very limited without moving the track a bit in the inside of the island which will change the chicane configuration which is a trade mark of the track so not really an option in my opinion. so the 9,3 millions (Euro) that was mention to update the facilities is more like in the range of 20 millions and more to make something happen so i'm affraid Canada will loose its grand prix at the end of the present contract. oh i also forgot that here in Quebec to make changes like that can't be done in between seasons due to the winter being long so working on that kind of project between the month of November and April is out of question so it only leave a few months to do the work which is clearly not enought for the size of the project.

  8. Just don't change a winning formula, the track is perfect as it is, end of.

    It already got major changes in the 80's and in the last few years spawned a few "F1-like" run-offs at various places, what do you want more ffs !?
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  9. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    lets face it it, Bernie been on the Montreal grand prix case for over 10 years. first he wanted more money and got it then he wanted more facilities for the crew which he also got to his surprise and now this, he knows that he won't get it and the end result will be that he will finally get what he wants and move the round somewhere he will get more money. its all about finding a way to get ride of the Montreal grand prix and i think he just found it :(
  10. Why is everyone talking about layout changes? They weren't even mentioned in the article - this is just the facilities like the control tower etc.
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  11. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Rhys if you want to improve the facilities to make it more modern it means they will have to be bigger buildings and where the current buildings are there is simply no place so you have to move the pitlane somewhere else and the only logical place is where i mentionned which will require a layout change.
  12. I think the pit buildings can be extended as the pit exit is relatively straight and the buildings don't extend along the full length of the present lane.
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  13. My question is simple: What more does Bernie want built there that 1. isn't already there, 2. needs to be there but isn't, and 3. all other circuits - including Monaco - have and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve doesn't?

    If he can answer that with a straighter answer than 'we need more', then I'd be happy to hear it.

    Otherwise, he's still just an old f@rt trying to be difficult. I do not like his attitude at all these days.