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Belgian Procar Series 1997 WIP

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by RemusRacing, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Just a quick message to say I will be working on this series. I have mentioned it in the past but thought I would make it official to avoid duplicate cars being made. Progress will be slow but it will happen eventually :D

    I have two cars complete already

    Only track not available to my knowledge is chimay not sure of the spelling
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  2. Bit of progress


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  3. those look great, good work
  4. Fantastic work! I'm waiting for the end!
  5. very well done! Only JTCC remains to do :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  6. Someone was painting some JTCC cars but not sure who :unsure:

    How do I make a trace file? All the cars load in time attack but when in a race im getting a ctd! Don't know why :mad:

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  7. Nice de chez nice
  8. Always liked the Bastos livery. Great stuff!
  9. Jempy
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    There is a Chimay track for GTR2 ... done by a french track builder.
    I just have to remember his name so you might contact him in order to ask permission for converting.
    From GTR2 to Race07 is mostly rather easy.

    When I succeed remembering his name, I'll ask my league mates if they know where to contact him.
  10. I seem to be getting a ctd as it loads the safety car and I have no idea why :mad: all my other mods still work.

    On the plus side I fixed the yellow interior on the peugoet. At the moment its only a 7 car grid but I could add a second Bastos and a Belgacom car. Bastos ran a second car at spa and the mondeo was replaced mid season for a bmw but driven by defourny
  11. Excellent
  12. Jempy
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    I remembered his name, had a look on the web ... he already made the track for Race07 ... but the link doesn't work any longer.

    No trace of him for the moment, but maybe someone in my league knows how and where to contact him.
    News by pm when I know more about that.
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  13. Many thanks :thumbsup:

    I have fixed the ctd problem I was having so back on track now
  14. Hi!!! what about the mod? :)
  15. Im very busy at work at the moment so not getting much free time :( but the cars are done so shouldn't be to long
  16. Good... For now i've downloaded the NATCC. ;)
  17. Nous attendrons
  18. The NATCC mod is fantastic... what about this one? We all can't wait.
  19. Nice one! :D
  20. cant wait for this =D