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being fast with a pad on certain tracks.

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by kimi_iceman85, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. kimi_iceman85


    I've been practicing a lot in career mode, I play professional difficulty, and I'm coming to the point I think I should switch to legend.

    I'm faster than AI in most of the tracks, MUCH faster in China and Austin, Faster in Japan, Korea, Canada, Abu dhabi, Malaysia, Bahrain, hungary.....And similar to AI in the rest of the tracks. EXCEPT monaco and spa!

    Impossible to have a good pace in both tracks, unless I play intermediate difficulty.

    I used to have a wheel, but it's now broken. I remember I was much more confortable than with the pad in those particular circuits where you have to be very accurate with steering.

    How is it possible to be quick in SPA with a pad? so much fast corners, and steering accurately with a pad si sooo difficult.
    And in Monaco, the track is so narrow, so many corners, how can you bring your car home wihtout a steering wheel?

    Any advices?

    Maybe I'm just bad in those circuits, but I'm wondering why in China ,on pro difficulty with Lotus I'm on pole 3 seconds faster than the 2nd, and in Spa I'm as slow as a Caterham!?
  2. herpaderp


    Ease up a little in Monaco. The AI is generally terrible there, even on Legend, so you can focus more of your efforts on not making any mistakes.

    How come you're supposedly even better at China than on other tracks? I use a pad too and I play on Legend, but turns 7&8 and especially 11&12 kill me. On the latter two, the AI passes me even before I make it to the DRS area.
  3. kimi_iceman85


    Well, turns 7 and 8 depend on your setups and which car you use. It was a problem for me with williams and force india, but with the lotus, sauber or a top team they are quite easy to take.
    In turn 11 I brake early, and than keep progressive smooth throttle in turn 12 until you can go full throttle without spinning . The only problem I have in china, is that I sometimes mess last turn.
    Try maybe to focus your setup on the grip because in sector 1, AI is very slow so you can be much faster if you master the long turn 1, and you need enough downforce to take turns 7-8,then AI should be too far to pass you on the straight.