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Behaviour on public servers

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Sam J Simpson, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. I was just on the Evo GTS server and the behaviour is abysmal to say the least, guys spamming chat with insults, crashers and wreckers, damn I'd forgotten how bad publics are, I certainly won't be back on them, thanks guys but no thanks, I'll stick to PW protected and wait until they're running sommat I'd like to run.

  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Thats exactly why we have our Racing Club :) The public server are more a service to the public. But now more and more public servers are coming we might reduce some of them.
    In RACE 06 and RACE 07 i am sure we added to the succes of the game online when not much servers were there.
  3. BTW, that wasn't a dig at the Club, just a remark on publics, you all do good work here, both for us and the developers, and I am so very glad we have the PW servers so I don't have to use public:thumb::amen:
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I know Sam and i fully agree with your conclusion. The public servers are disgrace for a game like this. Not only is the driving on low level, what bothers me most personally is the attitude and the swearing.
  5. Yeah i popped on today and found some very abusive racers :(
  6. That is mainly why I want to join a club. I can't tell you how many times someone would slam into me during qualifying
  7. This is why I want to join a club. I love the flexibility of the public servers, but I can't take the mentality of some of the drivers.
  8. Isn't also the behaviour so messy cause it's a new game & some people who haven't driven a sim in their life start practising on public servers? Doesn't have anything to do with being impolite offcourse. - My 2 pennies -
  9. Kris, you do have a point, but the attitude and lack of any rules makes public servers, dangerous places.
    For everything else, you have the club :D
  10. Happen so many times that in public servers drivers that even on the practice or qualifying and they block me, the way they do the blocking is so horrible, what this kind of drivers want to do is not their qualify, they just want to block the others, oh and I don't want to talk about when start the race
  11. Crazy thing I find with public servers on racing simulations like GT Evolution, GTR2, RACE and rFactor is that for a supposedly more mature audience they are far more viscous with their attacks than in FPS games lol.
  12. I was in a public server last night, I cannot remember the name of it.
    The track was Macau.
    We started racing and after a while I saw the driver in front of me abusing the driver in front of him. He was trying to knock him out but the guy was holding his ground.

    After few turns he clearly was losing ground because of the guy behind him.
    We are talking about deliberate attempts to knock him out. No accidental bumps here and there.

    It got very annoying. On one of the very tight turns, I took action.
    Instead of pressing the brakes, I downshifted, pressed the gas pedal hard, revs hit red and I rammed the guy that was abusing the driver in front of him. He rotated three times around his own axis.

    The driver that was being abused, saw what I did and he allowed me to take the lead in front of him as a thank you :D
    I had a suspension problem but I did not care. We gave the guy a dose of his own medicine.
    I finished third.

    So yeah, private servers for me all the way :)
  13. wel i donno what server you where on but i hardly see any flamming ... you get some guys that dont brake hard enough on corners sure..
    gotz no problems with public servers myself
  14. I am driving on public servers, just because it is so easy sometimes and I like full servers - when I want to play with a few clicks I can play with 24 people, that's what I mean.

    Sometimes I play with Shivan on servers and I have nothing to complain about :). Sure.. sometimes it is a bit rough, but it is not so disturbing for me. Nevertheless communities like this are perfect for clean races :).
  15. For serious racing I will always go to private servers. To be honest I tend to spend most of my time practicing on league servers testing, and then only race in official races.

    I do spend some time on public servers, mainly now because I have convinced a friend of mine to return to Race on the PC and he is not club registered.

    I have to admit I do see some flaming when people have accidents, but nothing out of hand. The main problem is when you find people who are a bit slower to react and make mistakes. Its normal and I just tend to accept it and if I can slow up at teh start and avoid the mayhem and pick up where people make mistakes. Its all for fun on public servers anyway, no point being serious.
  16. We had a good race Robert
  17. Driving on public servers can be a pain...I noticed this in Nascar2003 and LFS..but it might help to drive more clear-sighted.
  18. Public servers are good for accident avoidance practice :)
  19. just had an apauling race i was leading by a fair few seconds in csr race i went to lap some one on my penutamate lap and i get smacked of in the wall and end up with a stop and go as well to top it all if cant race a sim then dont is what i say rant over
  20. That's true Simon......:thumb: