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beginner's legend cup car (ford), a legend for a different reason (rant)

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Christopher Junkins, Jun 5, 2011.


    I sware to god, this care is designed to do nothing but spin out, wreck, and cause an all around miserable day!

    I can drive the mx all day long and only spin out like 2 times... But that f*ing ford legend is a ledgendary piece of crap.

    Anyone else feel the same?

    I mean, this car sounds awful, spins out in first gear if you go more than 1/8th throttle. It'll catch air and flip if you try ANY opposite lock to correct a bit of over zealous turn-in. If you're turn is not ABSOLUTELY perfect in EVERY way, you'll spin out with absolutely no hope of recovering.

    I know it's only my 2nd day with iRacing.com, but this car is a piece of .... no, dog doo is better than that car. It could take a turn better...
  2. Not a big fan of that car. Don't hit me but..... try going slower and to start try and be completely off-throttle and off-brake at the moment of turn in (you can adjust that later). You do have to kind of baby that car to make it work.

    Street Stock is a far friendlier car to start out in, IMO.
  3. I'll agree that the legends car was a pain in my wahtoosey as well at first. Once you get it though it's not so bad to get around in. What I can suggest is what Eric stated. Slow down a bit and don't go full throtle until you are on the straights. You will basically use a brake throtle combo to make it turn and keep your speed.
  4. Seriously?? I LOVED the Legends car. When I started in iRacing I planned to progress through road racing as thats where I've spent most of my sim racing 'career'. I was aware of the Legends cars but not how popular they were not only in the US but here in the UK too. I fancied a break from the Solstice as that was the only rookie road car so joined a Legends race and became thoroughly hooked! I found it insanely fun to drive and ended up having to play catch-up with my road license as I spent more and more time racing ovals.
  5. Excuse me for being a novice... but touching the breaks at all causes the energy of speed/inertia to turn into heat, and that my friend slows you down. How can using the breaks at all keep your speed up?

    And I don't see how anyone can love that car? It's designed to keep you as slow as possible, and keep you from EVER touching the throttle... soon as you do, you spin, no matter what the circumstance.

    And the mx seems to be almost just as touchy... though not quite. The more I race, the slower I seem to get, as everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE (including 1 day noobs) are passing me every lap... I can't get more than 1 lap at speed... I can do it if I reduce speed, but then I'm getting lapped even faster. I'm only in practice, so it doesn't count against me... but god this is annoying to no end... not to mention I just about destroyed my 50 dollar investment in my race wheel, I got so angry I almost threw it accross the room (it wouldn't do what I wanted, and screw into place... seems I was unscrewing it lol).

    And I want to get out of practices, but I'm spinning out every lap and getting lapped, it's crazy. Not to mention that EVERY sim and game these days seems to forget logic, and just make it so that if you step on grass/dirt/gravel, you automaticly begin to spin out like you touched ice. I know it's not smart to go from tarmac to grass, but it doesn't make you automaticly spin out, unless you over correct... that bit has allways be a pain in my ass in todays games and sims. They seem to forget that cars CAN, and DO, and HAVE gone off road, and been clocked at WELL over 200mph... salt flats anyone? I don't think they spin circles all day and, I dare say, they do go somewhere if there in 3rd gear or higher... yet in every sim out there, you get off the tarmac, and suddenly all laws of physics and logic go out the door. I mean, cars started out on dirt roads... and still they race dirt roads at high velocities! WTF!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Protip: Don't rage at being slower than loads of other people. Unless you've driven for 100's of hours on iRacing you're probably going to be slow. Takes different people different amounts of practice to get up to speed.

    Also the Legends don't spin very easily unless you're using way too much throttle and have a load of lock on. Braking will keep the speed up because it helps to turn the car and also means you can stay on the throttle for a bit longer on the straight as braking to slow for the corner is quicker than just lifting off.
  7. don't feel bad or pissy... When I first got iRacing for Christmas from the wife last year I felt simular to what you do... There were MANY times I was like WTF>>>!!! When people say it comes with time and practice they are not trying to be rude or call you a noob. It's simply true. When I first got into this I was lucky to keep the MX-5 going straight at all it seemed and forget taking corners at speed... lol... There are still people that are sooooo fast all you can say is OMG!!! To this day I don't see how they pull the times that they do, I promise if you don't compair yourself with them and just build yourself up you will get faster. I honeslty found that when I tried to go faster my times got slower.
  8. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Here is my 2p m8,

    Dont go for your first win yet. Stick to a car and learn its behaviour. Qualify in said car after countless laps practising. Where you qualify is your targeted race finish. Finishing higher is a bonus but less than that more practice needed.
  9. Legends are great cars, for road tracks also!
  10. Hey sorry I didn't get back in time to hop back in the practice with you. My wife had me pick up more things from the store than I expected... lol... Well I hope that little time helped some if any. See next go round.
  11. Sometimes, using the brakes in the right amount at the right time can help the car to turn. I trailbrake quite a bit in the V8 Supercar, even in the MX-5 through the hairpins at Okayama - and in the very few oval races I did, depending on the track, I would give the brakes a slight tap to stabilise the car before entering the turn. It gets the car in the right position for a good corner exit and allows me to use the correct inputs to get it to drive the way I want it to drive.

    I found the Legends car really annoying at first too. But I concentrated on being smooth, and knowing when to apply opposite lock. I was actually surprised at how fun it became when I got my marks right.

    I've been there. I started in iRacing coming from a pretty successful background in the RACE series and rFactor. When I first started, I was dumbfounded as to why I was so slow. I felt incredibly uncomfortable in every car, beause it always seemed to be understeer first, oversteer next - sometimes the opposite. It's just a case of getting used to the way the game works, and driving within the limit until you're confident you can push the car further.
  12. Yea, it helped. I finally figured out how to do the turns with less wheel to some degree. It just seems illogical all together though/still that you can use that much less wheel at those speeds to get even better turns! WTF!>>

    Well, off to work m8!

    Cya round tomarrow morning sometime between 8 and 12:30AM EST.
  13. Too much wheel input can make the tyres scrub, thus making the car plough forward. Sometimes less is better... ;)
  14. It's called throttle steering and it's a very useful skill to learn. There are a few cars in iRacing that require throttle steering to be fast
  15. The legends are awesome! I found Lanier easy to practice on because I didn't need to brake at all, just start out slow and gradually push yourself as you get more used to it :wink:
  16. Hmmm, seems the problem really is that I don't have my wheel setup that well. (it's a thrustmaster GTF 3-1 for $50.)

    I'm working on it, and got my breaks setup better, but even then I find I'm still slow as hell, and pissing off people cause of all my off-track excursions...