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[beginner question] how to save car from accident?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by baron12, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. hi.
    as a beginner in sim racing I would really like to learn some general things about car performance, how to read wheel feedback and act accordignly etc., but I cant find much about it. can anyone suggest any tutorials or something like that?

    now to more specific question. i have big problem saving the car in GSC after just a little bounce from other cars. i am really not sure what exactly am i supposed to do, at some point I actually thought i am getting better at it by braking and moving wheel left and right it felt I can save the car for some time. but last few days for some reason I got much worse, there is no way I can save the car while driving and being bumped by someone else, I do get some feel in the wheel, but as soon as I start moving the wheel and braking there is no effect, it wont move the car a bit, it will just go in one direction, braking or throttle doesnt help, it just feels like there is no grip from the tires and nothing can change that. Wheel at that moment also becomes very light when I move it (i dont think that was the case in the past).
    I am watching videos on youtube and I feel like they are able to save the car every single time they get in trouble by other cars. Also the feel in g27 actually changed lately for some reason and I do get some other feedbacks in this game which I didn't in the past, so I wonder could it be something wrong with settings or do you have any tips what exactly should I be doing and looking for? thanks for answers
  2. id suggest setting your steering lock on the car to around 24 degrees as that allows you to get more countersteer and potentially save the car and you could turn the steering wheel's rotation down a tad to find out what works for you. I had the same problem as you once i got sideways there was no saving it but more steering lock helps alot. Also braking while sliding is generally never a good idea you kind of want to feather the throttle abit to bring it back around.

    Edit: I use a fanatec but it might still work for you, the setting i have for the stock v8 is 24 degrees steering lock and my steering wheel is set to 430 degrees of rotation.
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  3. thanks the settings did help a bit, at least i it feels now i got some control back with steering. but theoretically i am still clueless what exactly should i do in this situation when the car is geting loose, sadly i am not improving with my experience, it just makes me do something opposite i did day before and at the end its all mess (like i still have the most "success" by braking and 0% with what u suggested, i am obviously doing something very wrong here=... so are there any suggestion what theory or tutorials should i read to imrpove things like that?
  4. I would suggest then driving the Camaro and learn how to drive that thing because all it likes to do is drift and it is good practice on saving a loose car, and once you get good at driving/drifting that thing some of the knowledge should transfer over to the Stock Car and should be easier to drive.
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  5. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
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    @baron12 , May be good to post what settings you are using like Logitech profile and in game settings. Could be just down to a bad setup makes all the difference once you have it right