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Before I buy.......

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by TribeBuckeyeFan, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Does this game support game pads, specifically 360 pads, and how is the online play as far as lag, the dreaded rammers that seem to be in every game, etc.? Appreciate any info that can be provided.
  2. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Yes, pads are supported. I use a wireless 360 pad when not using my wheel.

    Online play is pretty solid. Other players are generally quite well behaved but you get your first turn heroes and other assorted idiots just like any online race game.
  3. Great, thanks for the info. Seriously thinking about grabbing this since Assetto Corsa and Project Cars aren't on sale anymore (maybe I should change by username to CheapAss).
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  4. If you join here and race here, there are no rammers. We race properly with rules.
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  5. He speaks true. Just buy the game. You'll really like it.
  6. SCE does quite well with a gamepad. I used a gamepad with it until I got a wheel and had an enjoyable experience. It was smooth (no jerkiness or oversteer). Keep in mind that you can always try SCE with a demo before you buy so see what you think about the sim with gamepad control
  7. OK, so I bought it, it reads my gamepad.....almost. I can't get it to shift automatically. Can't very well race when i can't get out of 1st gear. Any suggestions? I'm using a MadCatz 360 gamepad.
  8. NM, figured that part out, now if i can just get this front end alignment done so the cars quit pulling to the right, i'm good to go.
  9. Do this, go into controller settings and move the stick left and right. make sure the stick is set to the middle and make sure it shows that on the screen. I had that issue at first too but figured that out because all the cars pulled to the right.
  10. That was one of the first things I did, thanks. Can't figure out how to actually calibrate the x-axis.
  11. I was rammed off track and into a wall, ending my race, on the first lap in a club race a few weeks ago. I submitted indisputable video evidence of it to the admin (with the offender even driving off and continuing his race like nothing happened) and despite reassurances the offender would be punished, nothing has yet been done...he is still active and racing in EU club events. I don't really care if anything is done since I won't be racing here anymore, but just pointing out your statement is complete **.
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  12. I think it is you who might be supplying some ** young man. You are not telling the truth.
    You need to be a premium member to do a Club race here.

    Ps, you won't be missed.
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  13. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Virtual racing stays virtual racing.
    Nobody gets killed when crashing, nobody wrecks cars worth a few hundred thousand dollars.

    Even in iRacing's rookie class the races aren't as clean as one would want to.
    But then again ... every heard of BTCC? ;)
  14. I was a premium member, I let it lapse, glad I only paid for a month,
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  15. Well you certainly aren't a likeable fellow are you.
    Wow, you certainly have issues. Consider yourself reported.

    And you have a really big chip on your shoulder.
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  16. If you race in public servers you'll find crazy driving most of time. Join a forum :)
    We'll have a GT3 league starting soon (our own physics and mod) http://gtr2-endurance.forumotion.org/
    Currently testing and fixing bugs.