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Beating the 100% PRO AI with a XBOX controller possible?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by hagen72, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to Race07 and already love this game. Played quite a lot GTL in the past and after my first laps on Monza in the BMW I'm addicted to Race07.
    My personal goal is to beat the 100% AI in PRO difficulty. But after running about 100 laps on Monza my best time was 2:03.7xx and the AI is driving a 2:00.xxx qualy time and running 2:03.xxx laps during the race. I think I know the race line and the braking points, downloaded some setups from this forum here but I could only drive 2:05.xxx constantly.

    So here are my questions:

    a) Is it possible to beat the 100% PRO AI constantly with a XBOX360 controller (or is this only for the "wheel")?
    b) Any advice regarding settings for a gaming pad (steering sensitivity, steering lock, sector mulipliers, ...)? I'm playing with the default settings.
    c) Is it possible to play competitve online with a gaming pad? Say driving a 1:59:xxx time on Monza?

    Any advice is appriciated especially relating the XBOX360 controller settings if this helps! Thanks!
  2. Yep, I drive with a 360 Pad.

    Throttle and brake sensitivity is set to 30%, aside from that nothing is changed.

    I do pretty well with the pad, so it is definitely possible. Although the cramp kills during long races.
  3. :)

    Ok, so you think I should practise a litte bit more.
  4. I have a load of on-board hotlaps at www.redhawk.blip.tv using the controller, if that happens to be any help.
  5. Yes.

    It seems you make your own up to taste.

    But from my experience to date trying to emulate the AI won't do it.

    They appear have a few parameters in the config file that determine how fast they go around the corner or how much theoretical corner grip and accel and brake they use. Then they are just plotted along the black tyre groove. Throw in a few canned wobbles / skids and a bit more if you get near them (you can usually detect the slow down when that happens) and robert's your father's brother.

    You can't do that. You have the chronic understeering physics engine that determines your path for one thing as well as you already note, most of the steering setup is as much a black art as the setups (although the setups seem pretty immaterial to lap times anyway)

    e.g look at the time trials for Brands hatch indy formula BMW. Observe how the top time leaves the track around paddock to the green part and this is the majority of the reason for the fast time.

    The rest of the lap it turns in so early on every other corner and doesn't so much apex early or late as drive across the inside of the curb on corner from the early apex point to the late one. It's no doubt their answer to the chronic understeer every car seems to have - and of course the fast solution (the slow one is possibly what you are doing, coasting or using less throttle to stop the car pushing or slowing more than you need to - that's probably where your times goes)

    It's just a joke that the time is fast, given the advice you'll get from every racing 101 page you'll read, but you need to adopt the same sense of humour to get fast times in the game. Or if you prefer download one of the slower times where the guy is taking smooth neat lines and be happily slow :)

    But don't try and copy the AI, that won't work.

    You won't notice it so much with the controller because you don't have FFB, but again, if you drive so that the FFB feels smooth - that's slow. Drive so that the FFB makes it feel awful - i.e don't use the FFB as an indication of being at the limit as you might in, say, forza 2 because it isn't implemented to do that. But obviously you'll need a wheel first - Nevertheless you still need to heed that fast in the game isn't neat or smooth.

    Yes, you just need to copy a human doing that time and forget the ai, they are just driving fantasy laps...aiui some of the qualifying times aren't even driven they are just their time multiplied by a 0.xx constant.
  6. Thanks for your tips!

    I'm now down to a 2:01.800 lap time and if I would drive a lap without a fault I'm sure it will be a 2:00.xxx. That is nice for me :). But those 01:58.xxx times ... wow!

    One thing I noticed is that I can't brake and throttle at the same time. Seems to be a XBOX driver thing. Do you think this is a big disadvantage? Is it possilbe to configure this somehow?
  7. Ihave been able to balance (heel and toe) the car with both brake and throttle, so I can't understand the problem there.
  8. You can't use the brake and throttle together with the default 360 drivers - if you're braking and you tap the accelerator all it does is brake less.

    You need to install XBCD for separate Axes
  9. XBCD driver is awesome. Allows a lot of customization to the controllers. and or wheels.
  10. This is also my experience. I installed the XBCD 1.07 driver and patched it to a so called 0.2.5 xbox360 version.
    But I have a problem to configure the L and R trigger. If I assign them to braking and accleration I only need to touch the triggers to get a 100% amplitude in the in-game preview.

    Any advice on configuring the XBCD drivers for a xbox360 controller?
  11. I personally had LT mapped to the Z+ axis and RT mapped to the RZ+ axis. :)

    Make sure the scale is set to 100 under the 'windows' tab and check that pressing it part way only moves the bar part way. Not sure what else could cause that, I guess it could possibly be an ingame setting as well
  12. Does XBCD enable rumble in-game? Please oh please oh please :)
  13. Think it depends if you're on XP or Vista. Never worked for me in Vista but it should in XP
  14. Thanks Matt! I'll try it out. I'm a little bit short on time in the moment but I'll post some feedback here. Maybe I'll also test if rumble works (on WinXP because on Vista the graphic driver crashed from time to time - but never on WinXP ...)
  15. I've installed the XBCD utility, but it doesn't seem to be detecting my controller at all? Any ideas?

    I uninstalled the original driver first.
  16. I managed to get it working. Could you upload your .rcs file (Userdata>ControlSet) and your .xgi file (XBCD Profile file) for me to have a look at, so I can get the right settings for GTRE? Thanks.
  17. Here they are. Rumble is not enabled in the ingame settings. But if you do it the gamepad will rumble but I didn't tested if it is "correct".

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  18. hi guys!

    im a gamepad driver too^^

    But my problem is, that the steering is too sensitive....
    I tried everything ingame, nothing works....
    the one thing that came close, helping me, was increasin the SpeedSteering, but then i cant take fast corners.....

    At the moment i drive with the steering stick pushed way forward, so i could steer just a little, without twitchin the car around....

    Any ideas how to change the Sensitivity in an other way?

    Im also gettin sick of cramps^^