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Helmets Battlefield 4 HD 1.0

*new helmet based on Battlefield4*

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  1. you are a true artist and have great skills,all your work is a true art superb,thank you very much juuppie:thumbsup::)
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  2. Can u also do a whole team with it (Car, Pitcrew , and Garage?)
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  3. Wow really cool work! Good job
  4. good job, but most of the photos are from BF3
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  5. could you make a helmet with nike or dc sponsers or hypervenoms (soccershoes)
  6. That is totaly true
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Very good. :D

    I was joking in your other COD Ghosts thread you know ;)

    However it is true, I bought BF4, and will never touch another COD again (5 of them is enough, 2, 4, WaW, BO 1, BO 2) :)
  8. Masterpiece! Thank you. :laugh:
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  9. Yes that true but its a battlefield helmet
    So pfffffffffff
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  10. No srry i only do helmets
    Maybe you can find someone else to do it
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  11. That thing is awesome...really cool:thumbsup:
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