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Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Warren Dawes, May 20, 2008.

  1. Oooh nice one, i will pop on tonight and see how i get on, there will be 2 replays,
    the first lap, and the last lap, beer shall be consumed between both laps, yes, i plan to do 2 laps...well, pit stops do take an age! lol.



  2. Testing the server today, and managed a 2.40.9 after two laps in Qualy mode. :)

    EDIT: Specially for Krister :)

    A new hotlap for you to study, may be of help. 2.40.4, and stuffed up the last corner :bear_cry: )

    Tweaked the setup slightly towards Sam's setup.
    Brake bias back two clicks and steering lock two clicks less.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT 2: During a practice session before the event, I finally cracked the 2.40 barrier, so I post the time for interest (well mainly mine) 2.39.851

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