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Bathurst track

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by RemusRacing, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Right then please don't shoot me down in flames for asking this :) but is Bathurst available for Race 07 or is it being made? I can't find it anywhere and when I do its an illegal version

    I ask as im after a new super touring idea to paint and im thinking of doing the AMP Bathurst cars from 97 or 98

  2. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    There currently is no legal version available. Unless I have been miss informed :thumbsup:
  3. Damn :( thought this might be the case. Such a shame as the track is great and would love to drive the super tourers around the mountain

    Oh well I might make the Australian Super Touring Series instead
  4. there is a legal begal version over at ARL racing
  5. Is there :D do you need to be registered to see downloads section?

    Just found it :thumbsup: thanks you so much hope its got good ai
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  6. A Bathurst '98 carpack would be cool :D
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  7. It isn't a legal version, It's the same one thats available elsewhere (nogrip etc), we just choose to use it where as some don't. How come you didn't turn up for the xmas Bathurst race?
  8. Would be great :) and it wouldn't be to hard to paint as I have the old templates from when I made it for the F1C BTCC mod.

    But sadly the ai cars crash at the same corner every lap :( cant remember the corner name but just before the top of the mountain. At the moment a race isn't possible so is there a fix available somewhere?
  9. Hey David ii was out camping in the bush with my two little ones having fun without technology lol.......was so looking foward to that racce event...and its a pity the track is illegal i dont understand why it is illegal in the first place was it stolen or something? any how i dont really care if it is illegal or legal its Bathurst for race 07/Gtr Evo one of the finest tracks to come out od the southern hemp
  10. Its because its code thats taken from another game (not sure which one in Bathurst case) then converted to work with race07. So its basically a copyright issue. I agree its a brilliant track, very challenging. We've done a few races there now in different cars and I would expect there are more to come.
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  11. Thread closed due to the discussion of illegal content
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