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Bathurst Mt Panorama accuracy

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by hrt_go, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Does anyone find the Bathurst track is a little inaccurate in some places?

    don't get me wrong, the track is fantastic, but i personally think there are a few areas where the track is not accurate to the actual track dimensions. ( based on watching onboard footage).

  2. Where is it inacurate?
  3. Based on when they raced there in 2006 I think its spot on.
  4. I've driven Bathurst in real life (like many Aussies), and looking at the videos provided, it looked pretty close to me. Hard to tell until we get a chance to try it out in the games. :wink:

  5. Here's one for this year, it really is very very narrow and tight in real life........don't know how they do it for 161 laps....
  6. I think the corner just coming out of the dipper it's a bit different compared to real life, all the onboards i've seen they can go full throttle in 2nd gear without the back stepping out.

    Also Griffins bend is way too tight, and the gradient slopes too early , the v8supercars in real life seemed to be able to grip the corner better and able to apply more throttle % sooner.
  7. Does anybody know how to disable the ambient sounds at Bathurst?
  8. Ive been pilgrimming to bathurst since 87, My Dad ran his towtrucks there for a few years, Im a signwriter by trade Had a small job in bathurst last month took the laptop with me, it was pretty amazing mate. The layout is frightenly close to scale (In car camera lenses make it look narower) dont see the issue with griffins, the dippers tops bumps you mention are there try more momentum through the dipper you can then hold more throttle through the next turn works for me, There is only one minor issue not with the layout (not even an issue) but position of the wall at skyline. When standing in the middle of the road say Half way down the straight from Mcphill to skyline looking at skyline where the road drops away the wall on the left there follows the road for probably 5mtrs to far in the game, On the hill there The view of the horizon is alot wider and looks as though your about drop off the end of the earth, Game doesnt quite open up there as much, marginally. But dont notice that if ya havin a red hot go. V8sc drivers are the best in the world there on the gas before anyone. Mate the track is an absolute masterpeice deserves much more credit.
    Thanks to orsm. ORSuM.!!!