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Bathurst for Evo

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by R-oi, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Exist anywere the Bathurst Track for The Race Serie?
    I like this Track since Race Driver but i cant find it.
    I Hope you can help me.

    Greats from Germany
  2. Not that I know
  3. I received this track from a guy from Portugal, after looking for a version of Bathurst suitable for GTR EVO for several months. I don't think this is an "official or authorized" conversion. Most probably was converted from GTR2...
    The track is ok, but if I'm not wrong, it may crash to desktop when doing practice or qualifying (don't recall) with AI. If you're alone, it's ok.
    So, just skip this part and go directly to race with AI (or try to see if you don't get the crash in your computer).
    I like to race here using the GTL mod.

    Unpack this to your GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS folder and enjoy. :)
    <MOD: LINK REMOVED. Illegal content>
  4. May need to find out of the Mr Men crew if it is or isn't, hopefully it is legit, but if it isn't....
  5. Mr Men will be a Codemasters track so not legit as is cross platform without Codemasters permission....
  6. yeah I think a rusty pin in my eye would be more fun.................AI Pffffffffft
  7. ... :)