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Bathurst 2010 Feedback

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by krunch, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. I thought it would be a good idea to post some news and pics to show progress on Bathurst 2010. We've been working on this update for a little while now.

    It is based on our 05/06 track and will include the 2010 sponsor signage, but it also has a number of improvements in other areas. For example, the sand trap at the Esses has been replaced with tarmac, the dipper has been reworked to be closer to reality and a few other corners have been reworked. Also some terrain, trees, buildings etc. have been tweaked. Not a huge makeover as such but a steady improvement on the original track.

    There's not much to look at yet but I'll post more pics from time to time. We can't be certain on a release date of course but we hope to release the track by mid year.

    Click the small pics to load larger ones.




    New pic...

  2. Lookin good krunch =)
  3. This is looking great... :D
  4. Fantastic!!!! Krunch
  5. that's pretty good!!!!!!!! Krunch
  6. Un bon gros merci, et bravo pour le travail ;) / A great big thank you and bravo for the work ;)
  7. Quality track coming up by Quality People.
    Much appreciated Krunch.

  8. Not to be picky Kman, but technically it's mid year now!
  9. I see you fixed the grass :tongue:
  10. He still has two and a half months... Rest of April + May + June... :p
  11. Niiiiice ;)

    It should be ready for the Bathurst 700 right ? :p

    (With a few tweaks by Ryan of course :D )
  12. I doubt it will need tweaks.

    Even if it did, it will be encrypted ;)
  13. Hey ORSM, this is great news. Would love for you to do many other Australian tracks but undersatand its the time away from loved ones, work and other prioritys that take place over a volentary mod/track etc. Still once again, great effort on all your works so far.

    Are you looking to change the angle/gradient of the hills (mountain straight, climb up to the cutting, and then coming down off skyline into and through the dipper etc)

    IMO that could be tweeked a little, you always hear from drivers that TV doesnt do it any justice as to how steep it actually is untill you drive it or walk it in real life.
  14. Good to see this Krunch, if I can help in anyway let me know..

    As for some updates, will you be putting in this part of the track ?? (see google maps for more..) To the left of the white line is a run off area (where the donuts are) and will be good to see in game for people to pull to this section if need be).


    Also, as an advertising for 2010. I have many pics taken from around various points around the track and happy to send some over to you..

    Here is one I think needs a little addition to your WIP images. Note - Small section of wall (as before this is more Biante signage) Brock's Skyline below the overhanging Biante sign (behind the car). You may have that already but the pic is more to show additional Coateshire Signs etc.

  15. Looking really good guys keep it up!
  16. We are not really changing things like the slope and height of large parts of the track, but in the corners that I've mentioned there are some small slope/angle/radius/shape changes.
  17. Thanks for the offer Greg. If I get stuck I'll let you know. Unfortunately all your pics seem to be dead so I can't see what you've tried to illustrate.
  18. Fixed it Krunch
  19. That section is actually there in the current version (v1.3) of the track, but it has been tweaked in the new version.

    Thanks. Yep already have the 'Brock's Skyline' in but its handy to see the Coates Hire signs on the hill.
  20. If it can be of any help: