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Tracks Baskerville Raceway 0.8

For Assetto Corsa by Nick Rainbird

  1. Nick Rainbird submitted a new resource:

    Baskerville Raceway - For Assetto Corsa by Nick Rainbird

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  2. Omg this track looks beautifull ! Going to try it out soon.
  3. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Very nice work thank u for this
  4. Great job, track look great "talking about the line not the visual " didn't know this track.
    thanks for share
  5. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Excellent Nick, I ran a few laps this arvo mate, thoroughly enjoyed the track, the undulations and blind peak left turn are truly awesome, and the track is very technically demanding, not one that you can just blast around with heavy footed abandon either, a very controlled approach required to cut that quick lap :) Im impressed, as will everyone who instals the circuit.
    For v0.3 it's extremely well polished already, and if this is anything to go by you're final release is going to be nothing short of awesome.

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  6. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Great to see some more Aussie content! Cheers mate!
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  7. First of all, AMAZING track !!! (I see Miles of Smiles on this one) I love the layout and it's so crazy to have all of that variation in such a short lap time. That conveniently brings me to the next point. I like how fast the lap is over and you're on to the next one again. Makes this track perfect for tweaking setups and fine tuning. Which leads me to the third point. Being that this track is perfect for testing, it would be awesome to have some brake markers in a few key spots, or even just change the color/texture of pavement going into a few sections. I did read earlier where you said you were going for the authenticity of a home track, so the things I've suggested maybe out of the question all together. None the less... never hurts to suggest.

    Good Work. Keep it coming. Looking forward to updates. In the mean time... Let's go tweak some setups. Many Thanks to Nick Rainbird !!!!!
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  8. Nick Rainbird updated Baskerville Raceway with a new update entry:

    Baskerville Raceway

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  9. thanks
  10. Thanks Chris! :D
  11. Wow, I should really check these comments more often. Thanks so much for the support guys! Makes it all worthwhile. This track has been a labour of love for the last few months. hope you all enjoy the new version (0.6). Look forward to hearing your feedback. Don't forget to rate/comment and if you feel so obliged there is a donate link on the official assettocorsa.net forum post (Tracks modding).


  12. Don't get into the grass ;)
  13. antonn


    this nice track, really well done.
  14. That video is awesome. Hopefully I've captured the feel of the track in my virtual version.
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  15. Nick Rainbird updated Baskerville Raceway with a new update entry:

    Baskerville Raceway v0.8

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  16. Great track! Thank you so much for your time and dedication.
    But I have a little problem. On my race race against AI everything went... well enough... but now, they just can't handle that left bend over the crest... Tried lowering AI strenght, raising it... changing the temperature of the track... nothing I do to make those guys stay on track anymore...

    thanks again!
  17. Hi, is this mod abandoned?
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  18. hey, any news on this track? it's pretty awesome!
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