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Basic City Building Xpack

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dosgraphix, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Basic City Building Xpack V1 - Now released

    Hello all,

    Finally version 1 is ready for release, I hope i have fixed any major issues.

    Firstly I want people to understand that this xpack is a basic xpack and includes elements that I needed for a track that i am working on. So they might not be to everyone's needs, however whats mine is now yours.

    There are 4 sections to the xpack
    • custom buildings - these are 4 building that i put together that have more detail (these may be added to later)
    • basic buildings - these are simple buildings which vary in height, they are all square 20m x 20m,(i may release rectangle versions later)
    • xtra's - are exactly that. Pavement, bridges, tunnels ( i might think of others to include later)
    • signs - these are some signs that i had for other projects, they are australian designed, if you have the knowledge you may be able exchange these signs with textures of your own.

    Most of the xtra's options are also included in SOBJECTS. (feel free to play with the settings to get the results you need)

    Now i promised some buildings that you will be able to apply your own textures to, however this would require some slightly advanced knowledge. (Maybe a tutorial is needed).

    Anyway i hope some people get some enjoyment out of it....

    download is here:


    I would love to see some of the tracks when finished that this xpack helps build.
  2. Fantastic News dosgraphix.:)

    Exactly what we need.!!
    ..Easy Re-textureable Buildings.:)

    Will some of the buildings be Skyscrapers.?

  3. If you were interested, I have 10 models ready (3DS format) which you may include in your Xpack.

    I got MSN messenger to communicate, if you preferer.

  4. I said up to 60 story buildings. I will do some between 80 and 100 story's as well.

    Thanks Santangoss I will PM you. thanks

    EDIT: Looking to release before the end of JUNE.
  5. Sounds just perfect.:)


  6. I'm with dacoolone, just perfect!!

    Which kind of houses will be? I mean, which will be its localization? Europe, America...?
    Will they be only "squared" or they will have a "triangle" top too?

    Looking forward for some new pictures and, of course, its release.
    Contact me by msn, I have some skycrapers and fairground buildings from my Memorial Bettega track (check link down!). If you think they are ok, I can send you to be insert into your xpack! :wink2:
  7. Thanks,

    I am not really planning on doing houses, as I mentioned I am just looking a building a BASIC CITY XPACK. This will mainly consist of square like buildings. I was not planing on doing any houses. This pack is really those non tech's who want to add buildings into there track but do not have the resources to do so. The goal of this xpack is to let those people easily add low poly city style buildings.

    As for the location of the buildings, all of the textures i will be using will come from this website : http://www.cgtextures.com/. It is a great site and has some excellent textures for free.

    The xpack will mainly contain square like buildings which will range from 2 - 100 storys with various textures, and it should be easy to add your own textures as well. It will also contain a footpath and gutter SObject so you can easily add a pavement and gutter. There will also be a few other surprise objects which I will keep to myself for now.

    If anyone wants to add to my xpack with there own designs you can email me at dosgraphix @ hotmail . com
  8. Fantastic concept Dosgraphix.:)
    ( Low-poly and easy to re-texture base objects, can't be any better ).

    Will the buildings be released as an easy to re-texture .3ds file pack as well,
    so we don't have to reverse the buildings to be able to re-texture them.?

    Could your concept of "simple" easy to re-texture objects include other
    types of (often-used) objects as well.?
    ( Thinkin about : nature objects like trees and bushes etc ).:)

    ..Perhaps there are more pop object types that would/could fit
    into this kewl concept as well.?

    I really do believe that this system is the way forward in regards of
    producing more Xpacks, because I think most (low tech) guys fairly
    easily will be able to learn how to re-texture "base" objects.
    (Hopefully your "base-pack" will be re-textured into many Xpack variations).:)

  9. Just a few Wip shots of some things i have been working on with the xpack.

    Should have the xpack out in mid-july

    1 image shows the gutter system SOBJECT and the other pic has a railway line SOBJECT that i have been working on.

    As i said the buildings will be basic and I will include a few other surprise city items.

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  10. Looks great! Any possibility of the railway SObject including a crossing section so that the railway line can cross the road without a bridge or tunnel?
  11. Exactly these types of Xpacks we need..
    ...Cos basic means easy to re-texture into countless variations..:good:

    Will be looking forward to this Xpack..

  12. Just an update.. Progress on this xpack is going well. I will post some more screenshots after the weekend.

    Due to release in July... so be patient!
  13. some in-game screen shots

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  14. Looks great tbh looking forward to getting hands on this xpack :good:
  15. bump :tits:
  16. Still working on it.... will have some more screen-shots, then hope to release in the next week or so.

  17. Hooah.

    Love the car btw ;)
    Who do you race with ?

    I have a track I all but gave up on.....
    Its now just waiting for this pack :)

  18. it look awesome dosgraphix, thanks for keep it up.
  19. :gimme:
  20. Hello all, thanks for being patient, as you can see from the images below i have put a lot of work into getting this xpack organised. I will just be ironing out a few issues and it should be released over the upcoming weekend.

    Below are a few more screenshots. (they are low res screen-shots, so ignore the pixel-lated looking textures).

    In these screen shots you will see:
    • Pavement (string object)
    • Overbridge Highway (string object)
    • Overbridge railway (string object)
    • Over 30 Basic buildings (Buildings are set at 20m square and vary from 3 storeys to 60 storeys, they also only use up to two textures, some using same textures)
    • About 5 more detailed buildings (larger buildings with more textures)
    • single arm and double arm street lights (not working and i have no intention of making them work at this stage)

    There will be a few more suprises as well. I promise for those of you who want some generic buildings that it will be worth the wait. I know i will not please everyone, however if it helps the newbies get some buildings into their tracks then my objective has been met.


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