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Barcelona Test Lineups

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Darth, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Here are the lineups according to planetf1 :
    Thursday: Lewis Hamilton
    Friday: Nico Rosberg
    Saturday: Lewis Hamilton
    Sunday: Nico Rosberg

    Red Bull
    Thursday: Daniel Ricciardo
    Friday: Daniel Ricciardo
    Saturday: Daniil Kvyat
    Sunday: Daniil Kvyat

    Thursday: Susie Wolff
    Friday: Valtteri Bottas
    Saturday: Felipe Massa
    Sunday: Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas

    Thursday: Kimi Raikkonen
    Friday: Kimi Raikkonen
    Saturday: Sebastian Vettel
    Sunday: Sebastian Vettel

    Thursday: Jenson Button
    Friday: Jenson Button
    Saturday: Fernando Alonso
    Sunday: Fernando Alonso

    Force India
    Thursday: Pascal Wehrlein
    Friday: Pascal Wehrlein
    Saturday: Sergio Perez
    Sunday: Nico Hulkenberg

    Toro Rosso
    Thursday: Max Verstappen
    Friday: Carlos Sainz Jr
    Saturday: Max Verstappen
    Sunday: Carlos Sainz Jr

    Thursday: Pastor Maldonado
    Friday: Joylyon Palmer
    Saturday: Pastor Maldonado
    Sunday: Romain Grosjean

    Thursday: Felipe Nasr
    Friday: Marcus Ericsson
    Saturday: Felipe Nasr
    Sunday: Marcus Ericsson
  2. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Premium Member

    Mercedes must really be paying Force India a lot to give Wehrlein 2 days in the car