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Misc Barcelona - Spain Correct Sun *Fixed* 1.0

Correct sun for Barcelona, to feel more like 1 PM rather than 3 PM

  1. Danger88 submitted a new resource:

    Barcelona - Spain Correct Sun - Correct sun for Barcelona, to feel more like 1 PM rather than 3 PM

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  2. Works fine online?
    Thank you for that work ")
  3. As i said this mod very nice. But i don't know why the following things happen.
    Yesterday, i had a league race. I had this mod installed, and at some point it began to rain. And it was only for me, the other guys said that they don't see the rain. And i don't know if this is caused by this mod or is it the games fault. And I was the only one who had this mod installed.
    I would appreciate an answer. I will post the videos soon.
  4. First video(Not me):

    Second video(Me):
  5. I wish you tell me which minute that happened, I can't watch the whole video, never played the game online, I will make some check to see if the reason came from my updates.
  6. This already happened in 2012/2013. Pretty sure it's a game bug.
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  7. thanx, I thought so, maybe the next update will solve it.
  8. Sorry, i haven't checked the forums for a while.
    And the in the first video, you can see it at 42:42.
    In the second one it is at 1:11.11
  9. I saw, and yes, I also think it's a bug which was already therer.