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PC Barcelona GP, Mercedes Benz AMG T Coupe DTM (TC3) Sunday 23rd August

Discussion in 'Project CARS Racing Club' started by Mondyrocks, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Mondyrocks

    Ivan Fojan Premium Member

    As things are really quiet I've decided to create ( or try to ) an event for the above date.
    30 mins practice, 30 mins qualifying, 20 lap race!
    This will be using the public racedepartment server.
    I'll try to get on there first to change the car and track.

    Normal time, GMT 18.00. 1900 BST.

    Please try to sign up and come if you're free, we can still have fun!!

  2. Has the racedeaprtment pcars race club finished now then? Is it official?
  3. John Grant

    John Grant
    Dont Rub me up the wrong way

    thx mate i will be there
  4. squedo


  5. Mondyrocks

    Ivan Fojan Premium Member

    No server, wtf??
  6. Mondyrocks

    Ivan Fojan Premium Member

    Had loads of internet problems, the missus didn't know but she was trying to upload 135gb to onedrive! Stopped now so gonna try reconnecting!