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Tracks Barbagallo 1.0

Barbagallo for FTruck

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  1. Claudio Gandolfi

    Claudio Gandolfi
    Pheripheral consumer

    A very juicy circuit of Aussie truck series. Thanks :thumbsup:
  2. How much difficult it can be to convert some hill climb stage, please? I really want some but here isn't any. =/ It's my dream for long time and I think Formula Truck is best platform for this.
  3. Depends on the lenght and how It is built. I mean If you want some reiza stuff inside. A simple conversion can be fast
  4. Well Stock Car Extreme has some hillclimbs like Transfagarasan which is long or
    Montenegro - GlavaZete which is short but there are some others. It probably needs a permissions but if they have it for GSCE, FTruck shouldn't be problem.
  5. I have done Peyregrosse for GSC. Can be converted
  6. Oh, I must hive it a try! And if it's drivable with truck why not then? =)
  7. So I have tried it and must say trucks probably can't pass that rally stage. The best and maybe the only one hillclimb they fit for sure is Transfagarasan. And maybe Pikes Peak. But they are very long.
  8. really fun track to drive with the trucks! thanks ;)