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banner textures for buildings

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by banger, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. can someone give me an idea how to get these textures corrected aligned to a building, I've been fiddling with the rescale tex buttons, and i get a very dodgey looking texture after a while.

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  2. Well, I couldn't figure out how fine are your 3d object textures mapping, but anyway, in this case I would say it's easier to create an wall, set it as "not resting on ground" and put it in the right position.

    Walls in BTB allow full UVW texture mapping. This way you could set that texture whatever you like.

    Good luck
  3. well they are fine in my eyes, i got a picture here of another objected i didn't make.it from philrob a guy who help with the first version of pembrey.
    has you can see the texture went in with out a problem(no editing with rescale tex),so i begining to think the a problem with the model or the texture to object mapping

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  4. In 3d Simed if you press the letter E you will see all of the materials in there and then there should be an option to "RESCALE TEXTURE" or something like that.

    Play with the co-ordinates (it is basically rescaling as a % so if you type in 1.5 it will make it 50% bigger, and 0.5 will make it 50% smaller... etc)

    .... It is frustrating but it can be done.

    Sorry i couldn't be more of help I am not at my computer with 3DSIMED
  5. that what i using at the moment dosgraphix.has the results of post#1.picture .thanks
  6. Sorry mate.... :) not sure what other options are out there.
  7. i tryed the wall way,it all i can do...it weird you can get all textures in normally, excepted that one.:)

    ok, went back to the uwv editor, which has some nice modeling bits,and try to quad the offending part.has you probably guessed that made it worst.

    oh well looks like it the wall stuffed in front of the objected.thanks dosgraffix,satangoss...

    should also say the objected was made by sketchup.and exported has dae file.reconverted to 3ds with simed.