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Released Balloon Drift Park

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by mianiak, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Balloon Drift Park v1.001 by mianiak

    Just a simple fantasy track inspired by my fav flash game, "Bloons TD".

    Originally started in BTB about a year ago and forgotten about until recently when I regained the inspiration and finished it in 3dmax.
    A lot of the models I have taken from my other projects, there is no goal with this track, It's just a fun slap together project that I wanted to use to test what I have recently learned about track making.

    The cameras aren't that good, but to be honest, I have no idea how to set them up properly, anyone is welcome to have a go at making them better :)
    The AIW is the same, it's jsut a quick setup, once again, anyone is welcome to make it better.

    You may modify and release modifications to this track as long as you give due credit.
    You may use any models within this track for non profit projects as long as you give due credit.
    You cannot use this track or any of it's contents for financial gain.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Nice! I can help with cams but i have only Evo, don't know if there's any differences how the cameras work in rFactor.. So no direct help from me, sorry, i owe you one or two favours..

    One thing i noticed that the default FOV (zoom IRL..) is very wide, suits for testing purposes. TV cams use closer shots IRL as it gives more details. Good analogy is that wide shots are introduction to the scene, close shots are for action.. I've used 40 as a default wide shot FOV, 20 as a close shot and very sparingly under that. It gives much better look to it, and helps solving possible problems of having a camera in a higher position showing unwanted stuff outside of track.. Like backside of objects in tight corners or end of terrain etc. 60 and above FOV is good for stationary cams or to make the "zoom" effects (put one camera in the middle of road in the main straight, 5-10cm from the ground, FOV 80 in, 5 out...)
  3. Thanks Kennett! It would be the same.
    I can give you the btb project file that I initially started with, will pro project files open in evo? It's nothing like the finished track visually, but the layout is the same, although there would be some guessing needed to be done.
  4. I drove this track yesterday and i must say its a very nice one! funny with the balloons too :) very tight and tricky to drift on also
  5. Thanks Jonathan! :)
  6. Another nicely made track Mianiak, only now got time to drive it. Looks good as always, it's hardly fit for racing and I'm not the drifting kind, but if I was, pretty sure this would be ranked as awesome ;) (Personally, I do hope you'll keep digging into these fun little Japanese tracks which have nice scenery, even if not only for drifting!)
  7. Thanks Radio, your too kind.

    You gave me an idea though, I could put in another track section to bypass the tight corners and make it into a raceable track. I'm thinking maybe after t1 to make a tunnel under the hill and join up with the track there.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. You're welcome, and it's 'Raido', not 'radio' ;) Sounds like a good idea, btw.