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Tracks baku_16 1.6

Baku City Circuit 2016

  1. dpeters95 submitted a new resource:

    baku_16 - Baku City Circuit 2016

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    baku_16 v1.2

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  3. "Reduced overall brightness and eliminated the material washout effect."
    Well, I just tried the 1.2 version and that's still there, a lot of the textures are very bright, washed out and the colours are off - the pits are pretty much just white, many of the walls are hard to judge because they're just bleached into white, Rolex adverts are cyan, the red in the Azerbaijan flag magenta...

    Either way, with some more work this could perhaps become a decent track for a street circuit, they're not exactly easy to do. It seems like a decent start. =]
  4. Thanks. If you think it is bright now, you should have seen it in the first version. It was, as one reviewer said, like an atomic bomb just went off. The brightness may seem bright to you but it is greatly reduced. And when I said washed out, I mean the objects were so blurry that the buildings looked like water colors. It may not be as dark as you would like but the materials are very sharp and defined now compared to the original version. This is a conversion track from RF2 so a lot of things you mention are a result of that. I can make it darker but it does not look that bright on my screen. For example, the UBS banner on the left wall is very bright in your capture. Maybe the weather and HDR settings are contributing? I'll see if others find it too bright. I will also take a look at the flag colors to see if I can do something to make them more authentic. Thanks for the input.
  5. I did try the first version you uploaded and saw how bright it was, I just tried it again with the 1.2 update to give my feedback above, and as I said it's still completely off. Colours can always vary a bit since consumer monitors rarely are calibrated for colours but I haven't seen any other AC mod where this occurs as extreme as with this one. I've tried several different official cars (that should only affect cockpit exposure) and different post-processing presets (my saturation and exposure game settings are both at standard 100%) but typically it should never affect the materials/textures/colours like this.

    Not trying to be overly critical here, just giving some feedback and I think this issue must be either somewhere on your end or is potentially a bug on this PC. But considering it was extremely bright for everyone to begin with... Anyway, good luck with the track. It's not a bad start, there's lots of detail already there.
  6. I tried this last night and I agree with everything @Epistolarius said. Also shadows from buildings and trees are completely black.

    I'm using good&bad weather mod and every other track, including mods, looks fine.

    Base has potential but at the current state I have to label it as unplayable. But please don't give up, I'm sure you will get there.
  7. Hi, tried your track the other day, the far end of the track just seems totally wrong to me. Doesn't matter how much work you put into this it would be like polishing a turd. Sorry to be so harsh but it's true. Think you should move onto another project that's worth it.
  8. I have other projects going on but this conversion was something I wanted to do since we don't have another option out there right now for this track. I really hope someone builds one from scratch and does a good job of it! In the meantime, I have made what changes I could make and will post a new version. I can't make it perfect because of the way it is built. Many of the materials are tied together and used in many different areas. If I drop some areas in brightness, I get total darkness in other areas. Oh well, this is probably my last update because there is just not much more I can change and although not the greatest, it's the best I can get it with what I have to work with. Thanks for the input.
  9. dpeters95 updated baku_16 with a new update entry:

    baku_16 v1.3

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  10. dpeters95 updated baku_16 with a new update entry:

    baku_ v1.4

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  11. Thanks. I'll try it at some point today.
  12. dpeters95 updated baku_16 with a new update entry:

    baku_16 v1.5

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  13. Tried it again, it definitely does look much better and natural now in terms of colours and exposure. Keep it up. =]
  14. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    The progress is great , love your work .
  15. I encourage and continues to work, and do not listen to the bad reviews.
    if you need any advice. Tell me and I'll help
  16. Maybe you could rip a codies version and send it to him.
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  17. Any work on this track planned for the future? Really enjoying it, but the 'old city' section just seems very very flat compared to the real track. Any plans to add more height elevation?

    Otherwise its a great effort! Keep it up :)
  18. Thanks, but since this is a track conversion from RF2, it would be very difficult for me to add elevation changes to the city/track without the original authors data. I would essentially be starting from scratch. So, unfortunately, no. I certainly hope that someone builds a "from scratch" built Baku circuit for Assetto Corsa not to long from now.
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