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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. The excellent Bahrain version by McNolo will be used for the FSR opening round, download from RaceDepartment or mirror. There will be small tweaks to fit it with the FSR mod but nothing major that should prevent practising on this track.

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  2. how long until its on server?
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  3. Server up running new build 590, hopefully this time works a bit better. Skin transfer and getmod also enabled. Note that the modder did not pack this track with URL download support, so Bahrain can only be downloaded manually for now.
  4. Which tyre compounds will be chosen for Bahrain? I guess medium and hard like in real life, right?
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  5. Will Bahrain be a night race like it is going to be this year in the real F1?
  6. Expect a decision regarding that tomorrow.

    We could run it 6 PM but the track lacks light sources so it would be too dark without headlights, would have to fit it with lights so no.
  7. Cool! Also will you change the color of the hard tyre? It's silver now and it's hard to diferenciate it from the medium.
  8. Thought they were decent cos the original track for rfactor has good light sources

  9. In the real life,will be the Medium and the Soft at Sakhir...
    In my opinion Medium and Hard for this track is not very good...

    In any case,for my point of view,for now it's better leave free the 4 compound for permit at all to test the tyre (as the real Bahrain test)...
    Force the 2 compound only when will start the official mod and the official practice about 1 week before the first GP ;)

    Mirko Lupini
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2014
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  10. Can you put a realroad please, almost half of the test session is now wasted to lay rubber down.
  11. The night race would definitely need a lot of extra lights to have the whole track lit as in Singapore. I think it's fine for stock cars with headlights but definitely not for F1.

    There is already a preset realroad from last night on the server. Need to add some AI to get more.
  12. Have you considered setting RealRoad to use the Autosaved file, so that it would just build up naturally from session to session as people drive on it rather than losing the last state whenever the weekend restarts?
  14. But this year (2014) there will be the Soft and the Medium ;)
  15. Announced here now.